A Show to Remember: #PRV2 Summer 2013


S-Rated Shows swept through Dallas and made a pleasant RUCKUS, if that is even possible!! After months of preparation and practice, the S-Rated Shows: Project Runway 2 Fashion Show, after party and other weekend festivities they hosted, went off without a glitch. As the large group of young entrepreneurs continued to shout “TurnUp”, their followers, supporters, participating models and designers got loose. Add to that celebrity appearances by No Limit’s very own Romeo, well known Rapper M.E. and the sensational DJ Duffey (IWANTDJDUFFEY), and you have the perfect combination for increased ENERGY!!! Shout out to all these young innovators for a job well done, as they incorporated the most diverse urban models to represent the likes of the hottest new and upcoming fashion designers from across the U.S.


Featured Designers to Include:


@ezonthablunt @londondadaa @dollaaa_b @s_ratedshowsss

Written by LRenfroJ