Dallas Mavericks 2013 Season Preview


2012-13 Vitals

41-41, 4th in Southwest Division, 10th in Western Conference

PPG 101.1/101.7 OPP PPG


2013-14 Roster

DeJuan Blair – PF

Jose Calderon – PG

Vince Carter – SG

Jae Crowder – SF

Samuel Dalembert – C

Wayne Ellington – SG

Monta Ellis – SG

Devin Harris – PG

Bernard James – C

Shane Larkin – PG

Ricky Ledo – SG

Gal Mekel – PG

Shawn Marion – SF

Dirk Nowitzki – PF

Brendan Wright – PF/C


Offseason Additions

DeJuan Blair (FA), Jose Calderon (FA), Samuel Dalembert (FA), Wayne Ellington (FA), Monta Ellis (FA), Devin Harris (FA), Shane Larkin (Draft), Ricky Ledo (Draft), Gal Mekel (FA)


Offseason Subtractions

Chris Kaman, O.J. Mayo, Darren Collison, Mike James, Rodrigue Beaubois, Elton Brand, Jared Cunningham, Anthony Morrow


Projected Starters

PG – Jose Calderon

SG – Monta Ellis

SF – Shawn Marion

PF – Dirk Nowitzki

C – Samuel Dalembert


Season Outlook

The Mavericks finished the 2012-13 season with a record of 41-41 and missed the playoffs for the first time in 12 years. The Mavericks were without Dirk Nowitzki until late December and it took him roughly two months to once again play at the high level Mavericks fans have become accustomed to.

The 2012-13 team was comprised of multiple players that were playing on one-year contracts. The Mavericks plan was to stay competitive while retaining salary cap flexibility. The effects of this plan were felt in the locker room as it created an air of uncertainty as the majority of the team was playing without any sense of long-term security.


Dirk Nowitzki

Having Dirk Nowitzki start the season healthy will be a boost to the Mavericks 2013 team (Photo Credit/Flickr.com)


The Mavericks played surprisingly well early without Dirk Nowitzki but eventually fell out of the playoff race. The Mavericks played better towards the end of the season but by that point it was too late. The Mavericks would be forced to once again look to free agency in hopes of improving their team.

The Mavericks were one of four teams heavily pursuing Dwight Howard in the off-season. Howard ultimately chose the Houston Rockets and Mavericks were forced to go with Plan B. The Mavericks could not sell their fans or Dirk Nowitzki on another season of one-year deals after failing to achieve their primary goal in free agency. Rebuilding was not a logical choice as Dirk Nowitzki still has at least few years left in the tank. Dallas may not have landed Dwight Howard but they upgraded their starting five and bench with a series of moves in free agency.


Jose Calderon

Jose Calderon represents a significant upgrade at the point guard position for the Mavericks. (Photo Credit/Flickr.com)


After a year of inconsistent play from Darren Collison and free-agent veteran Mike James the Mavericks made addressing the point guard position a priority. The Mavericks signed one of the best point guards in free agency in Jose Calderon. Calderon is a smart, pass-first point guard who provides Dallas with a significant upgrade over Darren Collison and Mike James. Calderon will also help put Dirk Nowitzki in the best position to score, something that Jason Kidd and Jason Terry routinely did during their tenures in Dallas.

The Mavericks may have chose not to retain O.J. Mayo but they still needed a suitable secondary scoring option to fill the void at shooting guard. The top scoring guard in free agency was Monta Ellis. Ellis is an explosive, shoot-first guard who will immediately become the Mavericks second best scoring option. The knock on Ellis is that he is an inefficient, volume shooter. Everyone is a critic, but Ellis has averaged 19.5 points per game throughout his eight year career.

The Mavericks are hopeful that playing with a point guard like Jose Calderon (who is the opposite of Brandon Jennings when it comes to getting others involved) and a legitimate star like Dirk Nowitzki will improve the looks he receives on offense. Given the lack of other options in free agency the Mavs are happy to have a player of Ellis caliber. Ellis can roll out of bed and score 20 points per game. O.J. Mayo’s shooting percentage from the field and from three-point range improved in Dallas so the Mavericks have reason to be optimistic the same thing could happen with Monta Ellis.

The other significant upgrade the Mavericks made was at the center position. Dallas kicked the tires on Andrew Bynum but ultimately decided not to offer him a contract. This may prove to be a wise move as Andrew Bynum missed the entire 2012-13 season with a knee injury. He may have been able to return last season but decided to go bowling while rehabbing his injury. Bynum’s dedication, work ethic and love for the game has come into question in the past and his off-court activities last season did nothing to disprove this notion.


Monta Ellis

Monta Ellis will be the Mavericks new shooting guard in 2013 and he gives head coach Rick Carlisle another weapon to pair with Dirk Nowitzki. (Photo Credit/Flickr.com)


The Mavericks signed free-agent center Samuel Dalembert to a two-year deal and he will be the Mavericks starting center in 2013-14. Dalembert has been a solid defensive center throughout this 11-year career with averages of 8.0 points, 8.1 rebounds and 1.8 blocks per game. The Mavericks lacked a defensive presence in the paint last season and their rebounding statistics reflected this fact. Dallas ranked 26 out of 30 in offensive rebounding last season. Dalembert was one of only a few options in free agency that could help Dallas in the paint.

The Mavericks improved their depth by adding Devin Harris, Wayne Ellington and DeJuan Blair. The Mavericks also retained a key piece to their bench by signing free agent forward Brandan Wright to a two-year deal for $10 million. The Mavericks bench will be rounded out by center Bernard James, first-round draft pick Shane Larkin, second-round pick Ricky Ledo, and Gal Mekel. Mekel is a former Israeli league MVP who displayed his passing skills in the Las Vegas Summer League.

The Mavericks overcame the disappointment of missing out on Dwight Howard by responding very aggressively in free agency. The Mavericks upgraded their roster across the board with the best options that were available. Dallas won a respectable 41 games in 2013-14 with Dirk Nowitzki missing a large portion of the season. In addition to the games that Dirk missed or was not at one hundred percent, the Mavericks lacked consistent play from the point guard and center position all of last season.

Rick Carlisle is one of the best coaches in the NBA and he will have a better roster to work with this season. If the Mavericks are able to develop chemistry early in the season they will find themselves back in the Western Conference playoff picture once again.