From Dallas to Hollywood- Comedian Mark Agee Talks comedy in the internet age and his new FX series

Mark Agee may be a name you remember from the DFW comedy scene performing at the Improv and Hyenas or it just might be a name you’ve seen rolling in the credits on your favorite comedy show, either way it’s a name you should know.Agee may not be a Texas native but jokes that he lived his life in stages and came into his own while living in Dallas. Check out our DE-J exclusive interview with Mark Agee backstage at the Addison improv before performing with NBC star Tone Bell. The comedic actor and writer will be creating a new series on FX with Bell and we can’t wait to watch it. Check out our interview with this star on the rise.

For more Mark check him out on twitter @markagee and look out for the upcoming untitled project and more updates on FX