“Hook em Horns” The First Texas Bull Run

Written by: Jackson Young

If you’ll wear white to a wedding and black to a funeral, why not wear red to a bull run? Oh because you’re scared! Well no worries. I had a chance to speak to Rob who is apart of The Great Bull Run, and throughout the interview he gave a little insight that may bring relief to the “scaredy-cat” inside of you.

The Great Bull Run that is set for April 5th is beginning to pick up steam as it closes in on Dallas for the very 1st time. The Run which will have anywhere from 18-24 bulls isn’t as dangerous as you may think. Turns out, that the American population has a huge misconception of exactly what is encompassed in the run. One of those things is that the bulls are out to attack, when truly the bulls are simply trained to run from point A to point B. Otherwise stated, stay out of their way and you won’t get “Hook em Horned.”

There will be multiple Runs throughout the day on the quarter mile track and afterwards you can partake in Tomato Royale. Which is also a spin-off from another Spanish tradition. 30,000lbs of tomatoes will be laid out for a free-for-all food fight. Now who needs extra sauce for spaghetti? The run will be filled with extra activities such as mechanical bull riding and so much more, so this is definitely an event for the whole family and something you do not want to miss.

For more information, check out the video below. See you at the starting line!