Try This: A Taste of Chile at Joyce and GiGi.

Recently the Dallas Entertainment Journal got the chance to explore one of the Dallas Observers 50 most interesting restaurants  uptown’s Joyce and GiGI  we sampled South American cuisine at a party to celebrate the Casillero Del Diablo wines and cocktails. This chic spot is located on the corner of N. Hall St. In Uptown and features a unique menu. At the Casillero Del Diablo dinner we tried a variety foods that combined sweet, savory, vibrant and spicy textures and taste.

At Dinner we were  pleased to learn about the story behind this devilishly good wines Unique name Cassilero Del Diablo. Legend has it that  Around 1883,Don Melchor the founder of the Concha y Tora Winery in Chile found put that his vive workers had been sampling some of his greatest wines he decided to start the rumor  that his deepest darkest cellar was the “Casillero Del Diablo” That stopped the sampling and lead to the clever name that translates to “Cellar of the Devil”

The restaurant is chic with Brick and marble decor that’s simple but appealing. Our meal started on a high note with what I am calling My Most wanted cocktail: The Chilean Sour which fuses Casillero Del Diablo Malbec with Rye Whiskey, Lemon Juice & Simple Syrup. I will be trying my hand at mixing a batch of these up at my next girls night. The Casillero Malbec is a gorgeous dark Red Wine  with black fruit flavors of Dark Plum Layered with Spicy Cocoa. The Rye Whiske syrup and lemon juice made it tarte but not jarring and a perfect cocktaill for sipping before our meal

The first course Escabece: Apple Cider vinegar and Citrus Chiliean sea bass with Fennel, currants and red onions. A fish dish is usually paired with a white dry woodsy wine If you order this you have to try it with the Chardonnay from Cassilero del Diablo my favorite choice and it’s sweet mixture of pineapple, citrus and vanilla. Where as some Chardonnany’s can be unsettling acidic this was smooth and so pleasant.

Second Course- Majadito- This dish really drove home why this was voted one of DFW’s most interesting spots. This duck confit risotto with plantains is made with a poached egg and pickled onions and tomato salad. The risotto’s spicyness is settled with the delicious egg and the whole dish is like nothing you’ve ever tried. A meal this rich and filling should be paired with the right wine we were served Cabernet Reserva Sauvignon  which is described”a dark, ruby red with aromas of  cherries, black currant and dark plums. “

Dessert: Choc G’s Cake- the star player of my meal was most defintley The dessert A Bitter Chocolate cheese cake infused with cayenne pepper, The crust was spicy and decadent like the cake it’s self and the dry cherries gave it the perfect flavor. It was so unexpected and delicious I will  be going back for this very soon.

I give the wine and the food two forks up and would recommend this for your next date night. Let us know what you think in the comments and Tweet your favorite South American spots in DFW @dejournal.

– Jasmine