We Love Pizza… SERIOUSLY!!

We LOVE pizza, so today we visited Serious Pizza in the Deep Ellum area of Downtown Dallas, with gifted child artist Haven Thompson. Haven is an 11 year old 6th grader, who not only paints; but also sings, dances and has recorded in studio penning her own lyrics to “Swag Like My Dad” featured on Arkansas Bo’s “Skillzone Volume 1”. She has added to her latest list of endeavors the practice of contortion and child party hosting. She is competitive and well versed which made for a great discussion, if you will, as to how she came into her artistic walk. This young lady is a reflection of aspiring, gifted and talented youth around the world, and has a lot to share. Were positive she’ll also enjoy the day’s lunch treat.
Upon arriving at Serious Pizza located on 2807 Elm St  Dallas, TX 75226, we were greeted by the friendly staff who were very excited to demonstrate why they should be considered as one of the best pizzerias around. Known for their TREMENDOUS 30″ pizza pies they have served the community proudly. High traffic is what you should expect, but don’t be discouraged because your mouth will be pleased with each and every bite.  While watching them hand toss the dough and “wow” spectators, Haven had several questions of her own as to what made the business thrive. Smart young lady to be gathering data and taking her own notes.
After some dough spinning and topping selection, we waited for the perfect mouth watering 30″ to be pulled out. The entire creation takes skill as this is more pizza than any one person can handle. Smiling, and full of 3 out of 16 monstrous sizes, we sat back and gathered our thoughts. Inciting nap time, we headed out the door with a box deservant of a flat bed truck.
I encourage you to try them yourself, just bring a BIG appetite!
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Haven Thompson Inquiries: lrenfroj@DallasEntertainmentJournal.com
Written by:LRenfroJ