Where to get DFW’s Most Delicious Donuts!

It’s National Donut Day! Yes , that actually is a real thing and yes it’s awesome!  According to Dunkin Donuts the holiday began in 1938 and was established after WWI To honor women who served donuts to men during the war. We at the Dallas Entertainment Journal are all about Sacrifice and we took the hard and unbearable task of trying several different donuts shops all across DFW to tell you the truth about which donuts are delights and which are just duds.

Here are my most Lust worthy donuts in DFW

1.)  Most Creative Donut Shop- Glazed Donut Works- Deep Ellum- The rocking side of Down town Dallas is home to everything campy and fun. This Brightly colored pink donut shop is known for driving around town in the #shortpinkdonutbus Just across Elm Street is the local owned and operated donut shop that describes their donuts as “Hand Crafted in small batches” these donuts are delicious and fresh making it the anti Krispy Kreme you won’t see any conveyor belts and you won’t taste anything artificial. These vegans Donuts are piled high with toppings and are seriously filling. I first discovered Glazed when the CONAN show stopped through Dallas a few month ago and in celebration the shop released one of the most creative donuts I had ever tasted with a  Grand Marnier house made orange marshmallow on top! GDW offer tons on unique options like Strawberry Shortcake, German Chocolate, Maple Bacon, blueberry mascarpone and the unheard of Donut Sandwich,, which is even more awesome than it sound two of those hearty Donuts with a scoop of there vegan ice-cream made in house. In case your wondering what to have for lunch that would be it.glazed deep ellum sign

bacon GDW chocolate old fashioned with custom bourbon ice cream donut snadwhich short pink bus


2644 Elm Street
Deep Ellum
Dallas, TX 75226

2.) Best Classic Donut Shop- Southern Maid Donuts-  If you want quick in and out kind of donut shop with friendly staff and lots of great but simple options I recommend Southern Maid Donuts. Southern Maid is a small chain  from Garland Texas. with stops in Texas and Louisiana  According to their website  “Quality ingredients and uncompromised procedures are reason for the continued success of the Hargrove family to this very day.” I’d also say being delicious is a big part of it. If you stop by there Oak Cliff Location you can get a full breakfast with gourmet coffee and meat options.  My faves are the Chocolate Coconut, Chocolate Almond, Glazed Cake Donut and Cinnamon Sugar.

SM logo picSM chocolate southern maid Oak cliffSM Gourmet Coffee


801 N Riverfront Blvd
Dallas, TX
(214) 760-2494


3.)Rookie of the Year- Top Pot Donuts

I just discovered these guys last week when they were featured on WFAA’s Good Morning Texas and I was instantly hooked. Top Pot is a Seattle Based shop that has recently made their way to Dallas after being featured on the Travel Channel show “Donut Paradise” once the word was out the demand started, and now we get to try the donuts referred to as the best Cake donuts in the world. My favorite Flavors are the Salted Caramel Old Fashioned, The Maple Bar and would I be me if I didn’t freak out over the Pink Feather Boa? Pink Icing  over a classic yellow cake donut covered in a fluffy cloud of coconut sprinkles. Stop by and give them a Texas Welcome

Dallas Top Pot text top pot Top Pot 2 Top Pot




TEXAS 75225


5.) Most Posh Donut Shop- Glazed Donut Bistro Grand Prairie & Arlington.

I’ve been a Fan of Glazed since they popped into Grand Prairie last year. The Donut franchise banks on it’s great coffee , variety of flavors and beautiful décor to make your feel comfortable. Not only is this a great spot to grab a donut but the perfect place to pick up free Wi Fi and type up your memoir or your newest status,I don’t judge I only offer my help and my favorite donuts!. Try out these great picks next time you decide to stop by the chandelier encrusted donut Utopia. Check out the  Nutella Donut with Powdered Sugar, the maple bacon and  the November donut of the month the Carmel Apple confection and if you want something extra they’ve got Belgian Waffle Sandwiches, Koby Sliders and Cupcakes.

gp nutellaglazed gp with red velevt and ble berry glazed sign Glazes Koby Sliders



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