How many times have you wanted to do something or needed to know something but was to lazy to actually do it yourself. Let’s be honest we’ve all been there. I even admit anytime my friends ask me something I always reply “lets Google it”. I can safely say that technology is something we tend to rely on to get through our day and I for one love the idea that at the press of a button all that we need is right in front of us. These are my top 10 must have apps that will make your life way easier.

1. Uber– Great to use if you live in a city where there’s a lot going on. I typically use this app when I’m going out with friends when nobody wants to drive. Plus they don’t charge each person, its one flat rate no matter how many people are in the car. What’s also great is before you select to get a driver it will show you a ESTIMATE fare rate when you put in your pick up location and your drop off location. Its unique because when you sign up your credit card information will be stored so no worries you can use this ANYTIME you need a ride like those instances where you’re ready to go but your friends aren’t. What you should know is when in the app Uber is the black car (very fancy) and uber x is just the driver picks you up in a clean nice car but it’s not the town Lincoln car but it’s CHEAPER 

2. Lyft– this app is much like Uber but its considered to be its competitor and offer lower rates to drive you around town. Plus when you sign up you get 2 FREE RIDES up to a $25 tab.

3. Ryde– What I like about this app is you must have Uber and Lyft downloaded to your phone. When your trying to find out which one to use this app lets you know the cheaper one to do based off where your drop off location is and it even tells you if a taxi will be cheaper.
*****all 3 of these are must have apps because when your with friends its nothing like being able to enjoy your surroundings without having to worry about gas and whose driving and also if you plan on drinking this is a MUST have app because nothing is worse than getting a DUI. It’s just not worth it.


4. Tinder– This app is similar to a YES or NO game. You make a profile and then when ready a series of cards will appear on your screen you can click to read more about them and look at more pictures than just their profile shot. If you like everything you swipe it to the right (hinting the yes I would like to get to know them). If you don’t find them attractive you swipe them to the left. What’s cool is if you swipe a “yes” and when they are logged on and has came across your profile and swiped a “yes” for you too the word MATCHED appears on your screen and both parties are made aware that both find each other interesting . So if you’re into seeking the online love match this is the app for you.

Social Media

5. InstaFollow– Oh boy, if you have Instagram you know how annoying it is when people follow you then all of a sudden decide to stop following you. Its almost as bad as unfriending you on facebook. It’s pretty official when it’s on Facebook though. Anywho this app allows you to see how many new followers you’ve gained and lost and who unfollowed you. If you have followed that person you can easily go in and unfollow them too! I mean that’s only fair right?

6. Square Ready– This app is pretty cool especially if you’re a photographer. There is nothing like having a spectacular picture of you and your friends but when you upload it you can only see a certain amount of the picture because instagram automatically crops the picture for you. Well not anymore. Download this app and you will be able to post the entire picture.


7. Offer Up– I love this app. It’s like a online garage sale. If you have items in your house sign up for this app and take a picture and post it with a price and description. What’s cool about this app is it’s all about location. You only see what is in your area for sale. You search for whatever you’re looking for whether its furniture or art you can find it. Did I mention the prices are already low but you have the option of messaging the owner to NEGOTIATE another price if they will allow it.

8. Retail Me Not– If your into coupons this app you will love. You can even search by your favorite stores and it will provide you online coupons as well as in-store. I’ve even seen freebie Friday on this app..Every Friday it will list places giving away food or drinks for FREE!!


9. Eat24– Talk about being hungry and too lazy to drive anywhere or maybe it’s horrible weather outside and you just don’t feel like getting up. Well no worries this app depending on your location will provide you with a list of restaurants that have signed on. You can choose from whatever restaurant you like and someone will go and pick it up for you and bring it right to you. Some places already have the tip included. It’s really affordable but best used in bigger cities.


10. My Fitness Plan– This app keeps track of your every move. Whatever you eat or wherever you eat the calories can be counted. This app even allows you to scan things to input your calories. You keep a diary and it tells you how many calories your able to eat that day. It even tells you how many glasses of water to drink if you’re trying to make a certain weight. I like this app because if you’re trying to live a overall healthy life and is really turning to dieting properly this app if for you.