Written/Photographed By: Alicia Burden

Featured Artist: Jessica Marshall (Fashion Designer)

What do you want to become when you grow up, remember that question? It’s been quite a few years, well actually more like over two decades since I’ve been asked that question personally. There are those who stagger through life searching desperately for a sign that will point them in the direction of their dream career, and then there are those who have always known what they wanted to become since child birth and that seems to be the case for 14-year old Jessica Marshall.

I drove to Sunnyvale, which isn’t too far from downtown Dallas, TX to meet up with this fashionista. Maybe fashionista isn’t the word that quite describes Jessica. A fashionista is simply one who loves fashion and works in the industry according to dictionary.com. However, Jessica not only works in fashion she creates it. I admit I’ve been to my fair share of fashion shows in the metroplex and these days it seems like everyone and their mom is a designer. I can say I was utterly astonished when I was greeted at the home of Jessica Marshall. She was dressed for the gods as the kids these days like to say. Her outfit screamed sophisticated, creative, daring and for some reason the designer Chanel came to mind.

During the interview Jessica gave me insight not only to what she aimed to become ultimately but who she was at this very point in life. That was important because at 14-years old majority of us was begging our parents to drop us off at the mall. Not this one. Her room was her office. Slick, crisp white furniture surrounded her as a work space with her business cards and laptop making their selves at home in a space located under her bunk bed like castle. I immediately noticed her line of clothes even before I stepped into her workspace. I kept thinking she can’t be 14-years old because the designs I saw had to have come from a much more mature mind. These weren’t clothes you would find in a typical teenager’s closet. No, these were dresses suited for the Margarita Ball, dresses that screamed Happy New Years. Dress shirts you just had to have to make your statement in that important meeting you scheduled. Sequence and furs, silk and cotton I mean the girl knows what appeals to those of us who call ourselves fashion queens or kings.

Inspiration can be found wherever and she mentioned that some of her clothes were men’s wear inspired. It’s apparent that she keeps up with the trends because there are major designers out there that are also taking notice of the “Boyfriend Jeans” and shirts so to speak. Women like to be comfy and cute at the same time and Jessica realized that. Miss Marshall definitely deserves to be in New York’s fashion week and to my surprise not only has she been on the CW network to discuss her fashions but she has already showcased her line in New York’s fashion week. New York’s fashion week is sort of a big deal to upcoming designers as well as the more established renowned designers. The designers, models, makeup artists, stylists they all play a part and Jessica was in the midst of all the chaos that goes on during that week. Coming up with designs that differ from those in the same field can sometimes be exhausting and competitive as well. However, she is way ahead of the game especially since she has been wearing her own clothes since the age of 8.

Good things are to come from this young lady. She’s equipped with the knowledge of the fashion industry and has everything needed to become the next top fashion designer. She’s 14-years old and has already accomplished what those in that industry work their whole life to do, so I believe it’s safe to say that now Jessica can concentrate on not only designing the best fashions for us fashion savvy individuals but more so landing her designs in department stores world-wide, and she will.