Angel Merino Flawless Faces Make-up Tour Rocks Dallas!

Confidence! Confidence! Confidence! Celebrity make-up artist Angel Merino states. Yes, Dallas Entertainment Journal own Lips of Ebony J had the pleasure of catching up with the Beyoncé inspired Salvadorian make-up artist himself.

This day and time when the word flawless comes to mind we all think of Beyoncé Knowles- Carter, it seems so does Angel Merino of 5 years strong in the fashion industry. Its normal for anyone to call and book a make-up artist, but Angel Merino knew he was far from average make-up artist, so he decided to step out on faith and take his artistic skills on the road.

Angel Merino has a love for education and dancing. Observing him interact with each beauty that walked into his SOLD OUT Flawless Faces Make-up Tour. His customer Service skills were “Flawless”. THE BEAUTIES COULDN’T HELP BUT FEEL THE ENERGY as Angel Merino walked, talked, and even took a sip of his water to the beat of the song “Flawless”.

As he introduced himself he said: “I woke up like dis, OMG you ladies are Flawless”, the beauties were floored and adored his over the top personality. Angel Merino begins demonstrating how to perfect your eyebrow. Yes, he covered every little detail ladies and gentleman. It’s a MUST you take his class. AM1
Celebrity Make-up Artist Angel Merino shares his #1 beauty secret which is “Skin Care” , he says hydration is very important. As you can see he loves putting a twist on things when it comes to beating these beauties faces depending on the seasons. There’s so much more to come as we learn about a reality show in the works and touring to Canada and London.

Angel Merino shares some great advice to make-up artist around the world. NETWORK! NETWORK! NETWORK, with everybody there will always be a need for a make-up artist. There’s no wonder the Flawless Faces Make-up  tour was sold out from state to state. What’s next from the celebrity make-up artist? Be on the lookout for his line of Spring/Summer Morphe make up brushes and flawless contour powder.

Some beauty tips I was educated on by Angel Merino were:
“Make-up is a way of Expressing how you feel”
– If you fell sexy throw on a pop of color
– If you feel edgy throw on a bolder lip.
“Whatever you feel, just exude it through make up.” – Angel Merino

Dallas Entertainment Journal had a blast catching up the ‘FLAWLESS” Angel Merino. You can visit his website and be sure to follow him on Instagram @mac_daddy tell him “Lips of Ebony J” sent you.