BDONNA’s Pink Pump’s and Paparazzi

The Bi-Annual Pink Pumps and Paparazzi brought to you by BDONNAS and PARTYCHASER.COM gave the
city of Dallas a stunning shoe fashion show. Paparazzi were everywhere as celebrities, stylist’s
fashionistas, and fans hit the red carpet.
Socialite Angela Simmons and actress LeeAnne Locken of Big Rich Texas entertained the audience with style and grace. LeAnne Locken was an exceptional MC and the audience was entranced by performances by the lovely Shelby Shaw artist of Grammy nominated Play N Skillz.
Pink Pumps and Paparazzi was far from your average shoe fashion show. BDONNAS high-end fashion
models hit the New York inspired runway wearing exclusive vendors such as Lust for Life and Exclusive
Bdonnas styled footwear.
While summer is around the corner therewere many exciting designers collaborations to look forward
to. The footwork did all the talking, while BDONNAS high-end fashion models appeared as your next
dream girl, princess warrior, or you’re African Queen. From swimwear, bodysuits, Colorful dresses,to
leather for every occasion, with feathers, reptiles, and hookahs as accessories, it was a hands down shoe
fashion show success.
The Bi-Annual Pink Pumps and Paparazzi totally brought the Dallas industry together, the ambiance was
in full attendance such as: Guns and Roses boutique,Dez Bryant of the Dallas Cowboys, Pink
Lucy/Celebrity Designer, Anthony Isambert editor and chief of DrivenMagazine one of the top
publications here in Dallas, Jessi J of Krave Magazine , Tonya Terrel/Celeberity Designer, Tracy of
Runway Riches, MING LEE, and Djo music just to name a few.
The Dallas EntertainmentJournal own Lips of Ebony J was able to capture behind the scenes, pre-red
carpet , and interviews with some of the top reality stars and socialites to date such as: International
socialite Angela Simmons where she revealed to us about her new fashion company it’s not just a shopping company , no is all about educating
woman on: #fashion, #beauty, and #hair.

While catching up with some of our socialites, the Dallas Entertainment Journal,lips of Ebony J was able to catch up with the Reality Star , Well the boss diva is what I call her from LOVE AND HIP HOP NEW YORK, herself “Rah Al”. The boss diva gave some inside scoop on her business endeavors. This business woman has collaborated with Dr Steven Greenberg on her new beauty line “Saige skin beauty”. Rah Ali has paved another way for women of color to educate us on the importance of skincare and sunscreen. It doesn’t stop there. This boss diva has her own private label shoe line :
[email protected] where she carries brands such as: Jimmy Choo, Valentino, and YSL
just to name a few. Who knows,maybe Encore Shoetique will be the next vendor for BDONNAS. This boss
diva just dropped her new book “A king and an Ace “which is available on Lookout
world she’s not stopping anytime soon with shooting her own show in the works,  Dallas Entertainment
Journal is excited to keep you posted with what’s next. Thanks Bdonnas For This Esctatic Shoe Fashion
Show event.

The Bi-Annual Pink Pumps and Paparazzi shoe fashion show introduced the city of Dallas to one of the
most anticipated fashion shows to date. Guests were able to shop, drink, and enjoy entertainment by the infamous DJ Duffey along
with raffling off a red Chanel purse, a perfect gift of appreciation. Where giving back in a fashionable
responsibility, a good portion of the proceeds are given to various breast cancer charities.
With sold-out VIP tickets and not one seat empty it proves that the Bi-Annual Pink Pumps and Paparazzi
brought to you by BDONNAS and PARTYCHASER.COM was a successful event. Dallas Entertainment
Journal looks forward to be a part of another exquisite fashion event. Stay tuned to see more styles from

you can follow them on @bdonnas and order as well, tell them DALLAS ENTERTAINMENT JOURNAL sent you!

you never know where we will be next.-Lips of Ebony J @LIPSOFEBONYJ


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