3 Ways to dominate your Fantasy Football League

Football season is upon us and with millions of Americans playing fantasy football the question for football fanatics is not just “Do the Cowboys have a realistic chance to be in the playoffs?” but “how can I win my fantasy football league?”. Well I just may have the answers to help you in your quest for league supremacy. Here are 3 ways to ensure your fantasy team will be in the playoffs.

Mock drafts-

Practice for your real draft by enrolling in mock drafts. The mock drafts are a great way to see what players are getting drafted in which round. You can find mock drafts on any fantasy football website(ESPN.com, NFL.com, Cbssports.com etc) So if you think you can draft Dez Bryant in the third round and Demarco murray in the fourth you will be sadly mistaken. One or two mock drafts will prepare you for your draft so that when you are on the clock you will be ready to make the right pick.

Draft wisely-

When you are drafting your team you want to make sure that you get a top flight running back. It is a crucial part of having a championship caliber team. NFL teams have migrated away from the every down running back to using two or three backs that split time. So if you can get an Adrian Peterson or a Lesean Mccoy don’t pass them up. If you are in a PPR league (point per reception), running backs that catch a lot of passes and get a majority of the runs are invaluable. If you are in the 4th or 5th round of your draft and you still don’t have a running back I can guarantee you that you won’t be in the playoffs. You may really want a top flight quarterback like Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees, but don’t get discouraged if you don’t score one in the first couple rounds. You can find a really solid quarterback in rounds 3 to 5. If quarterbacks are flying off the board in the first round then you can sit back and collect top notch backs and receivers and get a QB later on.

Free Agents-

The waiver wire can be your best friend in a fantasy football league. You will have a player that gets injured and so will everyone else in the league. Don’t be the person who says “I would have won the league but I had too many injuries.” No one cares about your injuries because they had them too. The owners that find solid replacements for their injured or ineffective players are the ones who will go deep into the playoffs. Last season I had Trenton Richardson on my team and he just wasn’t getting it done so I went to the free agent pool and found Le’veon Bell sitting there so I picked him up and he helped me make it all the way to the championship game. I will forever love that dude because he got me paid. Thank you Le’veon, I will definitely have you on my team this year.
Following these steps should help anyone be competitive in their league this year. So good luck to you all this year. (Unless you are in my league)

Sean A. Miller