8th Annual Texas Metaphysical and Paranormal Unity Fest

It’s time for the 8th
Annual Texas Metaphysical & Paranormal Unity Festival Saturday March 2nd!

For the third year, 8 time returning guest, Dakota Lawrence is organizing this
festival. This year it will be expanded to include our friends in the
metaphysical as well as the paranormal community. The event represents the
unity of these two fields coming together to raise money for this years chosen
charity, The Dallas Battered Womens Foundation. All monies raised from our
auction and raffle will go to benefit this wonderful charity – helping women
directly affected from negative and abusive situations. We are excited to be at
our brand new location in Dallas, TX, The Chijmes Venue & Boutique Hotel
located in the Historic and posh Bishop Arts District.
Joining from a distance? Stay on site! Visit ChijmesDallas.com and enter promo code SOUL for exclusive room discounts!

Dakota Lawrence spoke with me and said, “I’m truly excited to be able to
organize this event. It feels so wonderful to be able to put this together with
people from various backgrounds coming together to raise money for the Dallas
Battered Women’s Foundation. All of the money from both our auction and raffle
goes to benefit the Charity. I’m truly looking forward to coming back to the
DFW area with some phenomenal guest speakers all focused on enlightening and
sharing their knowledge the attendees and raising money for this well-deserved
Hope to see everyone there! Teal Gray – For the Dallas Entertainment Journal

Hear special guest lectures, from
notable paranormal and metaphysical speakers, and a exclusive VIP gallery with
world renowned psychic medium, Dakota Lawrence.


Dakota Lawrence is a gifted Clairvoyant Medium and Psychic Paranormal
Investigator from Shreveport Louisiana. Although he believes in the paranormal,
he keeps a skeptic stance on it as well. Dakota has a history of incredibly
gifted psychics in his family and at the very early age of 12, he knew that he
himself was gifted, he even began doing readings for others. He embraces his
Native American family heritage; with every reading he respectfully approaches
his native ancestors and asks for assistance and guidance. When Dakota was 15
years old he had a life changing moment in that he realized not everyone had
the gift that he and his family has. Even though he had been doing readings since
age 12, he decided that at age 15 to begin doing his readings professionally
and he consistently receives praises from his clients. He attributes his gifts
and talents to God and serves his clients with the utmost respect. Dakota has
been guiding people on matters of life questions, lost loved ones and missing
person cases. His up-beat personality and Southern Style has made him one of
the most recognized readers within the Paranormal and Metaphysical community.
Dakota’s style, unlike most psychics, is straight forward and honest as he
explains everything to you in ways you can understand. He believes that honesty
is the best policy and a little bit of edginess never hurt either. Each reading
with Dakota is a truly unique experience. His readings are what he calls a
“soul level” reading which helps the client understand what is going on in
their life and what is going on around them, which in turn, will help them
improve their own lives and personal enlightenment.

Teal Gray Rev.,N.D., Best Selling Author of Shades of Angels and Spirited Tales will give a lecture on The Light and Dark Quest for Protection – discusses world cultures from ancient times to modern interpretations, that feature the Devil or demons somewhere in their religion or mythology, but not always as an enemy! Depending on the belief system in place, throughout history people have asked assistance from the upper and lower worlds, from God, or gods, and a multitude of angels and demons. Discover some of the lesser known heroes of healing and protection.
Also, at The Lavender Crow table, she will be selling her home grown, harvested and crafted nature products infused with holy water and sacred oils from her sacred site travels.
Her readings always sell out quickly and this year she is offering a new type normally reserved for her private sessions, a limited number of a version of Wachs Giessen (Wax Reading) readings passed down from her Paternal German great grandfather.
To pre-pay and hold your time slot contact her at tealgray@thelavendercrow.com or call 940-799-1416. Teal is a sought after intuitive, graduate of American Institute of Holistic Theology Doctor of Naturology, N.D. and Theological studies leading to Ordainment as a Non-Denominational Interfaith Minister, and owner of The Lavender Crow. www.Thelavendercrow.com

Nick Redfern is the author of 48 books on UFOs,the
Loch Ness Monster ,Bigfoot ,Zombies and Hollywood scandal, including The
Roswell UFO Conspiracy; Women in Black; Men in Black; and 365 Days of UFOs.
Nick has appeared on many TV shows, including the BBC’s Out of this World; SyFy
Channel’s Proof Positive; the History Channel’s Monster Quest, America’s Book
of Secrets, Ancient Aliens and UFO HUnters; the National Geographic Channel’s
Paranatural; and MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann. Nick lives in
arlington Texas and can be contacted at his

Roger Welch Owner Soultopia, LLC Roger Welch is a
Founder and Owner of SoulTopia, LLC with two locations in North Texas. A laid-back
Tennessean, Roger is known as “Roger the Wire Wrapper” and “the No BS
Psychic.” His vision and creativity are the driving force behind many of
SoulTopia’s Custom Creations. Roger is a Reiki Master Healer and SoulTopia
Master/Teacher Crystal Healer. He can be found at either SoulTopia where he
teaches, creates and weaves his magick.

Greg Lawson a 26-year law enforcement officer,
professional investigator, police academy instructor, college educator, and
former expert witness for investigative procedures. He also researches and
investigates human paranormal experience and locations known for spiritual or
unusual activity. He has authored two books on the subject and specializes in
providing alternative perspectives to explain human experience.

Gay LaFay is a natural witch who’s been practicing
since childhood. Her eclectic style utilizes root work, mantras and meditation
and her easy nature puts her clients at ease. For a personal consultation and
to view her assortment of bottles and potions visit crowmagick13.com

Jerry Hestand is a native of North Texas and has been
involved in Bigfoot research since January 2001. He is now a member of North
American Wood Ape Conservancy (NAWAC). His research has crossed the four-state
area of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.

Sponsors for the 8th Annual Texas
Metaphysical and Paranormal Unity Fest:

Chijmes, Hill
House Manor, Soultopia, Oak Cliff, Texas Ghost Tours, Dark Hallows, The
Skeleton Key, Teariffick Tea Shop & Magik Emporium, Zendala by Stacy, Moral
Compass Tarot, East Texas Paranormal Society, All-Con 2019 and The Whispering

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