A Taco Never Tasted So…

…So differently delicious! 

Who doesn’t love a classic Mexican taco? In my imagination, the taco had to be invited by some mama who was trying to figure out a way to get her kids to eat dinner just one more night. She was probably living in lack, not able to afford to waste a scrap of food. Rummaging through what she had available, scraps from the previous meal prep stared her menacingly in the face, as if to challenge her to make something delicious with them. Some left over ground beef, shredded cheese that fell on the counter, salad scraps, tortillas lying there next to it all, and… The light bulb goes off – the taco is born! 

LOL ok, I have no idea if that is how the taco was invented. I do know that it is one of the most popular foods world-wide. In recent years everyone has wanted to put their spin on this classic dish, some more successfully than others. But none, in my opinion, as successfully as The Velvet Taco, located in the Greenville area of Dallas, TX. This eatery has created their own Americanized version of the classic Mexican dish. Truthfully, aside from the name ‘taco’ itself, there is not much about the delicious treats served at The Velvet Taco that remind me of a traditional taco at all.  

It is quite risky to take well-loved dish and create something that is almost completely different, using the same name. If not successful and tasty, it could definitely have people calling foul! But that is not the case at this popular and packed-out Dallas eatery. No matter what time of day or night you go to the Velvet Taco, on any day of the week, you will never see an empty line. There are times when the line is out the door and there is no seating available. The parking lot is often too full to park in and you may wait an hour for that first delicious bite. But once the savory meat and toppings hit your palette, you will soon forget all the trouble it took to get to that point!

I have to confess, long before becoming a contributor to the Dallas Entertainment Journal, the Velvet Taco has been my go-to spot to impress out of town guest. It is the one place that I know I can take anyone, and never hear a complaint. From vegan to meat lovers, there is a taco to satisfy every taste bud. My personal favorite is the brisket taco, and I’d be remiss not to mention the delicious treat that gave this place its name – the moist and sweet red velvet cake with the caramel topping.

I cannot say enough about how much I enjoy the food at this restaurant. Try it out for yourself. You won’t be disappointed. And make sure you tell them you read about them in the Dallas Entertainment Journal!


SouLah the Legend (aka Dr. Intimacy)

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