Mindy Raymond and Barry Rogers of New Republic Studios at Star-Studded TXMPA Awards


Saturday October 13, 2018 was a star-studded TXMPA awards night at Southfork Ranch. Barry is the Director of Operations and Public Relations for New Republic Studios.  Mindy is the Communications Director for the Texas Motion Picture Alliance; as well as Director of Marketing and Development for New Republic Studios in Austin, a 200 acre wonderland on the water.

New Republic studios facilitates bringing a director’s vision to life with their spectacular indoor and outdoor sets. Commercials, short-films, feature films, instructional/educational videos, training videos, promotional videos, corporate videos, and virtually anything you want to put in front of the camera can, has and will be filmed at New Republic. They have brought Hollywood to Austin; and made it accessible to everyone and anyone who wants to bring their imagination to life! Amazing things are happening; so follow @newrepublicstudios… YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS PLACE @ newrepublicstudios.com. You will want to set up a shoot or tour.

Photos by Alex Barba for Tricky-Kid.com

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