America [Imagine a World Without Her] – Review

OK, so my Dad a sort of proud Black Republican insisted we watch this movie this past weekend, America, Imagine a World without Her. The movie produced by Dinesh D’Souza was a documentary about the state of the ‘new’ American much in the same vain as his previous film 2016 Obama’s America. Dinesh D’Souza tries to come across as a truly bipartisan patriot in both films as he brings up some alarming trends prevalent in American cultural and politics. The fact that he is able to speak critically about some ver touchy issues gives his film some substance but do not go expecting solutions are practical steps to solving the problems addressed in the film. The tone of his most recent film is one of eliminating excuses and call all Americans to start from square one in moving forward in moving from our awkward and challenging past. The film settles on an issue that is particularly discussed in pop-culture these days, privacy. With the era of “patriot act” upon us and famous current abuses of American privacy as made evident through actions of whistle-blowers like Eric Snowden, the second part of the movies asks how do we fix this. No real solutions offered but the resolution of the movie seems to point to a willingness to forget the sins of the past and the present as the remedy. I give the movie a solid [B]