April Horoscope

This month brings continued focus on your money, valuables, resources, assets, and talents, but learning and communications are becoming increasingly important. Pay close attention to what surfaces now, whether this is new information or new emotions, but wait until you’ve gained some perspective before jumping to conclusions. This can be a tricky month, particularly when it comes to communications and projects. You may need to revise a current project before you move forward. Be especially vigilant with applications, interviews, and schooling. Pay special attention to communications and transportation equipment and devices – this includes computers, cars, phones, tablets, and the like. This month will bring big opportunities, largely personal, romantic, and creative ones, and the better you sort out problem areas in your life, the bigger your chances to move ahead easily next month. Areas to pay special attention to are your career, reputation, finances, and responsibilities. You can be so passionate about, and preoccupied with, these things to the point of overwhelm, obsession, and possibly fear. Loosening your grip at least a little can help you to better enjoy other areas of your life, and to see opportunities in other areas when they do arrive! This is a good month for bringing more harmony and warmth to your home life, despite its hectic pace.

A strong focus on personal changes, money, and work appear this month. If you need to sort out your finances, it’s a good time to do so, although there can be some challenges involved. Review before moving forward, particularly when it comes to your finances. You may need to look back to more profitable times for clues before you look forward. Disillusionments involving a friend or new business idea can figure into the mix, complicating things further. These issues are likely to be revisited later this year and next year. The need to be more vigilant, and routinely or consistently so, with your finances becomes obvious. There can be increased money concerns as well as ambitions. Later month can present challenges with siblings or extended family. Fortunately, the universe shines on you and puts you in charge. You have the power to make important changes, and part of this can involve a personal makeover of sorts, related to your attitudes and approach to the world

April brings an interesting mix of energies to your life, and it can be complicated at times. Sometimes you feel very much in the driver’s seat, and other times you’re not sure who’s in charge. You are hosting all the personal planets (the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars) in your sign at various points this month, and this increases your independence and power, but at times you could feel a little alone with your decisions. Career directions can be confusing at times, and a significant other may present some obstacles or may seem to be at odds with your personal plans. By putting negativity behind you and concentrating on new goals you bring needed calm to your life. You may need to reevaluate recent projects, are they really the right fit for you? Perhaps the greatest challenge of the month is gaining others’ understanding. People may not be “getting” you for the time being. Financially, however, you are in a good position to improve your wealth now through June.

April involves good energy overall for networking and the support of friends, also a strong theme of introspection, preparation, and attention to physical and emotional needs. A lot is going on inside of you and under the surface, but this air of unavailability may very well boost your appeal further. You are seen in an especially good light around the 15th and 27th and 28th. These are also good days for interviews or presentations. There can be problems with misunderstandings at work this month, and inconsistencies to deal with that end up taking too much of your time, intruding on leisure time as well. Some of you could be taking sick days or time off, and the need to be stricter with your schedules can emerge. Demands on you can feel heavy at times, but it’s vital that you find ways to meet your responsibilities and tend to health and wellness, and this can involve cutting out wasteful activities. This is a strong month for money, and the adjustments you make this month will go a long way towards improving your prospects. Tame overspending, deal with disagreements with a partner, and put yourself in the position to achieve, earn, and perform.

There has been quite a bit of focus on friendships and career in your life. It’s a time for restoring some balance to your life. People continue to take notice of you more than usual this month. This is a period of high visibility, so pay attention to career, and networking. There can be new energy in your career, or a new beginning of sorts, from the 14th on. In fact, April is peppered with difficult aspects that can translate to challenges or obstacles. For you, these can involve friends, support, finances, and romantic involvements. Uncertainty with your finances and in your love life may need to be dealt with. You find more pleasure in private or quiet moments, it can also be a time for reassessing love relationships. This month brings the shifting of energy towards happiness, goals and social life. This and next month are power months for personal and creative opportunities, and the adjustments you make in April can help improve your prospects in May. These can involve sorting out your daily schedule and routine and dealing with health concerns so that you’ll be at your physical and mental best.

April is complicated, and in many ways, can be considered a month of adjusting. You may need to do a lot of revision work and reorganization, but the effort you put forth brings long term rewards. Public and professional communications need extra attention, be as clear as possible, avoiding remarks and quick reactions. Family and home life can bring some added responsibilities, and not everyone is likely to understand your need to tend to other areas of your life. You need to rethink goals, and possibly backtrack over some of your work. Slowdowns now can mean that you don’t meet goals you’ve previously set for yourself, but the revisions and edits eventually work to your advantage, as they firm up your work. April is a strong month for releasing burdens and things that have been weighing you down, and the adjustments you make now can serve to improve your opportunities later. It’s important to sort out your love life, attention to leisure activities, and attachment to certain creative projects or ideas so that you can better tend to your priorities going forward. Prospects from business and online activities can improve overall, but there can be fluctuations in income to deal with, or situations that keep you waiting and wondering on a financial level.

April has much to do with making adjustments that will help improve your life. It has the potential for many assorted misunderstandings, and it can be particularly difficult for you with so many challenges occurring in your communications sectors. Be extra precise with what you say, look carefully for mistakes, and take steps to prevent breakdowns with your devices and vehicles. Prepare for possible delays with transportation and travels, and be vigilant about schooling, applications, and interviews. Pay special attention to schedules, which is a difficult thing to do these days. You might find that you need to do a lot of backtracking, editing, revising this month. There can be a lot of activity with teaching, publishing, and venturing out beyond your regular routines after a period in which you were quite introspective. Love can be tied to these things in April and May. The end of the month is a better time for personal appeal and positive feedback, particularly about the work you do, but also on a personal level. April brings lovely possibilities related to relationships, but some of the clearing work and adjustments you take care of this month will help improve prospects. For you, dealing with personal, family, and home matters is essential, as problems in these areas seem to be the major obstacles right now.

There is a lot of focus on personal transformation and close relationships for you this month, and you can do a lot of work to advance your emotional disposition. However, April can involve more than the usual misunderstandings and adjustments. This month brings buried feelings to the surface and possibly prompting a personal crisis as you become aware of what you’re missing in your life. As exciting and enlightening as this is, watch that you don’t jump to speak too soon. Passions run hot, but pride can enter the picture and people can be taking things very personally, causing tension. May will bring many possibilities and opportunities, particularly related to career and work, and the adjustments you make this month should improve prospects then. Work on improving your communications, adjusting a possibly negative way of expressing yourself or of thinking, and try to reduce the tendency to micromanage. Focus clearly on your goals and to reach for what you want. Getting rid of bad habits and attitudes comes more easily later in the month. Money matters need review and possibly going over records and budgets. There can be some wonderful sweet spots for love this month.

Work, health, and partnerships are the top themes of April for you. But while physical health and wellness have been in strong focus. It’s a strong time for recognizing what to let go of to move forward in a better frame of mind. Concentrate on what you need to do it in the long term. Be extra careful that you don’t speak too soon about a sensitive topic. Try not to go over the top. The potential for misunderstandings this month runs high. How to minimize problems through this? You will frequently feel the need to draw boundaries. Watch that you don’t naturally take on the role of the heavy in the face of others’ immaturity or unreliability, or possibly even enthusiasm. You may feel pressured by others now, and this isn’t good, but when you lay down the law, be firm but gentle as well. When it comes to family, boundaries are necessary too, but you could have a harder time making these clear. If possible, hold off on major contract signing and decision making until later in the month or even next month. May is expected to be full of possibilities, particularly creative, educational, and romantic ones. The adjustments you make now will go a long way towards improving your prospects all summer long. Money matters might need some sorting out.

This is an important month for adjusting and getting your priorities straight, but has its sweet spots, too! Emotions can be intense and a little raw, and the tendency to overdo or overstate can be strong. Keep everything in moderation, and think things over carefully before calling anyone out or making a big announcement. You’ll need to treat your health and your work with extra care right now. There is a tendency for you to do so much for others that your peace of mind suffers. It can be difficult to make your boundaries known in a way that is neither too harsh nor too vague. You are more sensitive to imbalances in your environment and to harsh words and criticisms these days, and this is sometimes difficult this month. Work hard on straightening out your daily affairs and schedules to minimize chaos as much as possible. You have plenty of cosmic support for this, even with the challenges involved. Revising, reworking, and redoing are likely, but improvements made now can benefit you greatly later. The last half of April brings special opportunities, particularly related to home and family, financial support, and releasing negative energy. Prepare for this now by letting go of a need to be in total control. You may need to let others in so that they can help you out. While you can be quite preoccupied with health and work matters this month, your personal appeal is strong.

There continues to be a nice focus on home life this month, but you’re really beginning to reach out to others more. Your social life is speeding up, but there are likely to be some blocks and misunderstandings involved in these areas. Friends and money could be involved, and boundaries may be unclear in some ways, and painfully clear in other areas. Your best bet is to keep a close eye on money, glossing over this area of life will complicate your life unnecessarily and pay friends their due attention. April and May offer big opportunities for you. These likely have to do with partnerships and communications. This month, you’re challenged to get your life and mind in order so that you will be open enough to take advantage of possibilities. Sometimes you are your own worst enemy, so look out carefully for clues that you may be shooting yourself in the foot. This month inspires you to make improvements to your home and family life.

Try not to overcommit to things now. You don’t need to take on more than necessary, or you will end up spreading yourself too thin. This might not be the most glamorous of months, but it’s an important one for adjusting and preparations. Stumbling blocks and misunderstandings can be plentiful, and for you, these can involve career, responsibilities, and your own fear of becoming too involved. People are unlikely to be “getting” you these days, and this can be at the root of some miscommunications. You could be quite reluctant to spell things out for others, but doing some of this could make life a lot easier for you. Family and home matters can require some extensive revisions and repairs, something that you may not have anticipated, but that requires your special attention before you can move forward. There can be heavy demands on your time this month, but the process need not be too taxing. May brings wonderfully freeing opportunities, and the work you do now on clearing up problem areas will improve your ability to snatch them up when the time comes. Your heart may not be quite ready to engage, but you can certainly benefit from the compliments coming your way.