Are schools serving Donkey Throat for lunch?

Don’t eat school lunches just put them aside, some kids did and some kids almost died.  When I think of that old rap that my friends and I made in the second grade I chuckle inside and out all the time. I studied at Tyler Street Christian Academy when I was in the second grade, thinking I was in good hands because I was at a private school, delicious lunch?  No, heck no, hell nah!  The cold corn and brick house pizza, maybe just red brick, by a lunch lady with hands that looked like she made bricks on her second job, covered by press on nails. The servings of lunch were either hot and cold or soft while hard.  My stomach turns thinking about those bogus burritos with imitation cheese, “not- yo” nachos, affliction chicken and grease sticking hamburger meat.  The only thing that was good was that quick shot of juice and chocolate pudding.  “Okay kids pack up your trays and get in a single file line”.  This is what the fat lunch lady use to say to us as we were making different discoveries in our fiction chicken pot-pie.  I ended up transferring to a public school called T.G. Terry in Oakcliff after I was dared by a friend to go into the girls bathroom.  Let’s just say that I saw bloomers and a drape like bra, and then trouble.  Public school lunch food is ignorance on a plate!  Clearly no one was thinking about kids when drafting up the proposal for public school meals.   There’s something frightening about a white or a brown unmarked box with manufactured madness inside displaying directions that say “edible”. Edible, edible, really, why would you feed kids fake food and expect them to perform at high levels. Everyone knows that food helps the human body and brain perform and function with excellence.  Either someone doesn’t know or simply does not care.  Kids that attend public and private school are entitled to a great meal, this is America people!  I attended school with kids that had school lunch as their only meal.  They made sure that they were at school before everyone else to eat breakfast which consisted of lame blueberry muffins, toast sticks, watery oatmeal and a small box of cereal.  This type of culinary experience is why kids fall asleep in class, become complacent after lunch and walk like cows to a slaughter house when in line heading to lunch.  Michelle Obama started a project when Mr. President Barack took office.  She wanted to change the way kids ate lunch along with playing more outside and getting plenty of exercise.  Well I don’t live in Washington but the last time I visited my daughters’ school it seems as if nothing has changed.  What happened to the pretty green bushels of broccoli and vibrate orange carrots that I saw her promising us during news coverage?  Money happened, that’s what this is all about.  It has been proven that kids over in china and other countries excel much better in math and science scores, much of this can be attributed to their lunch program.  They don’t feed their kids donkey throat!  Public school lunch is proof that the standard for academic performance is very low.  Something is going on between officials and budgets, every time cuts are asked to be made education is the first to be offered as a sacrifice. What public and private school officials have to realize is that when you sacrifice education there will be symptoms that develop and terrible, unthoughtful food is just one of many.  Mystery meats, fake cheeses and donkey throats lead to lack of energy, lack of energy leads to lack of thought impulse and brain function.  School lunches are suffering from greedy board members who make decisions, “our kids are eating a indirect result of capitalism”.  Kids should be throwing their hands up and saying “no donkey throats”!



Article by:   Barry “the fashion guru” Wallace