Are We Still in Dallas?

Last night at The Green Room, listening to the sounds of Justin Pickard and the Thunderbird Winos, was like stepping into a simpler place and time. Sipping on wine, playing Jenga, two-stepping and line-dancing with strangers was a delightful experience. I was in such a great mood that I didn’t even mind losing at pool, lol.

The Green Room has been a staple of Deep Ellum for many years. As a patron you can enjoy an amazing view of the Dallas skyline, a fully stocked bar, and some of the best food around. I had a tasty little drink called a blue raspberry lemon-drop; it was perfect for a light-weight like me. My sobriety worked to my advantage, as I was the reigning champion against my friends playing with The Green Room’s giant Jenga blocks!

Definitely the most enjoyable part of the night was Justin Pickard’s voice. Justin is a true musician. His voice is powerful and enchanting. Strumming the guitar, as if he was born playing it, as he sang Blue Grass style melodies alongside his fiddle player, was just amazing to experience. It made me want to dance, sing, laugh, cry… It touched every emotion, just as good music should. I even had a chance to see an original 1939 Shure Mic. Simply Classic!

You can find out more about Justin Pickard and the Thunderbird Winos on their Facebook page. I only got to see two of the band members, but there are two are more. I can’t imagine how great the whole crew sounds! Be sure to pick up their newest album and treat yourself to a night out at The Green Room. Let them know you heard about them in The Dallas Entertainment Journal!

SouLah Legend (aka Dr. Intimacy)

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