Artist Of The Week: Action Bronson

Shot by Alexander Richter

Shot by Alexander Richter

How many of you out there can say that your favorite rapper is witty, melodic, and also an ex-chef?!? Well let me introduce to you my artist of the week, Action Bronson, who is in fact all of those things rolled in one. Action Bronson has been making a lot of noise lately but also has a strong catalog to back up his rise to the spotlight. My first listen to Action Bronson came in 2011 from his mixtape “Blue Chips”. It was had an interesting mixtape cover and a very creative premise for a topic. I was hooked and sold instantly. His content and metaphors guide a song along while his word play and playful, as well as aggressive at times, verses make him stand out immensely. Action Bronson has matured since that tape and has several other projects out to compliment his cohesiveness with music, with the most recent being his most diverse body of work yet: “Mr. Wonderful”. His album, “Mr. Wonderful”, is a journey that will leave you feeling light and hopeful for every song to come. The combination of his stories, ballads, and exhibits of lyricism put you in a trance that you will feel too good to come out of. So I recommend everyone today to try some Bronson on for size, you may see that he’s a perfect fit.

– Tayvon

Here’s his video to “Baby Blue” featuring Chance The Rapper:

You can also find him on: