August Horoscope By Teal Gray

January 20-February 18
This month finds you having a little trouble agreeing and getting along with your workmates.
You will have to learn the lesson of balance and negotiation so you can move away from this rocky energy.
Now that you have your business life in order move right on to romance, there’s work to be done there as well.
You and your partner are stuck in a rut and to be honest neither one of you is “feeling the sparks” lately. The 8th of the month on, ushers in a stronger energy in the bedroom and those embers ignite once again into flames of love.
Things don’t stop there; your finances improve from the 11th on.  Money will come to you in unexpected ways this month, lucky you!

February 19- March 20
You are finally putting yourself on the “To Do” list. One of the top items on that list is your health.
So be honest with yourself and make an appointment with your doctor to check out any issues you have been concerned about regarding your health.
This month will be all about taking care of things neglected. This includes your love life.
Pay attention when Jupiter enters your relationship sector for the first time in twelve years on August 11!
This is a time of engagements and weddings for Pisces.
While you are joyful in your love life, your work and career life is rocky and has been for some time. This month will bring things to a head and you will have to make the tough decisions of firing an employee or leaving a job for a better opportunity. Changes are never easy but they are necessary for growth and in this case your happiness.

March 21 – April 19
Your month will require leaps of faith in every area of your life. You evolve, learn to overcome your fears and move to a new level of happiness in your life. Moving forward with plans you have only dreamed of, like having a baby, moving or starting a new career. Creativity now means as much to you as practical matters have to this point in your life.
If you have a love interest that has cooled, you will feel the winds of change blowing as we start the month.
You not only make changes in your love life, but finally your career takes off and your finances improve more than they have in over twelve years! So go for it, start a business, change jobs or branch out with a second job to boost your finances.
Although you are in a time of change, this is an exciting time for you get out of your rut and travel. Explore new places and meet new people. Stay centered and everything will work out fine.

April 20- May 20
You have a busy start to the month going through changes in every aspect of your life.
Your love life is the first to get your attention.  Although you do not like change, to be happy you must face what is not working in your relationship. You’ve had your say and made your plans clear and by the middle of the month the pressure lifts and you feel lighter, happier than you have in years.
You leave behind what no longer works for you and your thoughts and plans are clearer and take shape quickly.
This new found focus helps your career, which in turn gains you more money and the ability to afford some long wanted for items or travel.

May 21- June 20
Communication, knowing your self-worth and your home life will be your focus for this month.
Believing you can achieve anything you put your mind to will be what helps you make the necessary but scary changes needed. Changing your thought to a more powerful, positive view will create needed and helpful change in your work and home life.  After the first week you not only talk the talk but walk the walk as well.
You are on the move in more ways than one. A change in your living situation also occurs. You will love the new living situation and you get a windfall allowing you to buy a house or renovate your existing home. You fill your new place up with a new roommate or maybe even a baby!

June 21 – July 21
You’re traveling more this month on short business trips, mini vacations or a longer commute to work.
You get a tempting offer at work for a new position or from a competing company. Consider it carefully If you are not looking to change fields, it’s possible that your current boss might come through on a raise.
Either way this helps get more income to you so you finally get your finances in order.
You are very talented but at times lack the drive to put things in motion past the idea stage. It’s time to change all that and become someone who follows through to successful completed projects.
Your love life is calm for now and this gives you the space needed to focus on all the other areas of your life.

July 23- August 22
This is a significant month of successful beginnings for you, or cementing ideas and projects already in play. Your communication skills are sharp and help you in every area. Don’t wait any longer to write that book!
Expect a major boost in confidence to develop your talents, then market them and increase your cash flow!
You have not recognized your true self worth up to now and finally there is a breakthrough and you can see how deserving of a wonderful life you truly are. Never doubt yourself again, it’s wasted too many precious years already.
After the first week you receive a boost of confidence to at least confront whatever it is about yourself that has led to feelings of being “less than” in some way.  August 14 will give you even more of a push to turn the page and start a brand new chapter in your life. Self-improvement may continue to be a theme until after September 6 but at this point, you will certainly begin to look at yourself in the mirror and see a reflection that is more accurate. A reflection that is truly beautiful, inside and out. You’ll be in an enviable position to launch anything new and to know it will succeed.

August 23 –September 22
If there was ever a month to sort out your love life this is it.
You gain closure to your past heartbreaks and move forward in your love life.  This month brings insight and healing to your heart and you bravely open it up once again to the possibility of love. Your new level of optimism will surely help you attract someone deserving of your love.
The universe is about to make you realize that you truly are embarking on a significant and positive turning point in your life. On August 11, Jupiter, the planet of gifts and blessings, will enter Virgo for the first time in twelve years! The sky is truly the limit! You will see that just about anything you touch will turn to gold.
You’ll meet new people with the potential to lift you up in ways you never imagined possible. You career only get better if that’s possible!

September 23 – October 22
This month is a time of clearing out people and things that have been holding you back.
You downsize your virtual and physical friends list to only those that truly matter to you. Something shifts in your thinking and moves you to where you need to be to surround yourself only with positive people and healthy situations.
You don’t mind being alone and this works to your advantage as you grow spiritually and mature in needed areas.
It high time you lived this life with your happiness in mind, not just everyone else.
You discover more than one “guardian angel” working on your behalf. Miracles are part of your everyday life from now on!

October 23 – November 21
You can’t ignore family issues any longer and they rest firmly on your doorstep this month.
You feel the weight of obligations that disrupt your life and happiness and make you feel resentful.
By mid-month your career goes into high gear and success if finally on the horizon. Money and opportunity are flowing your way now, and it all seems effortless! In reality, this glory phase is well deserved, and it’s time to move ahead in all of your professional goals with confidence.
By the 25th, a New Moon will fall in your friendship sector. You might decide to join a new club or organization for your hobby. Expect to make new friends that become very important to you.  Also, if you’re looking to launch a website or any social media campaign, now is the time to pursue those areas.

November 22- December 21
Until the 14th you may find you and your partner trying harder than normal to understand each other’s point of view.
It seems you are going through a laundry list of what you believe in, what matters to you and what you want in the future. You find a way to work it out and move forward in a new way of understanding for each other.
On the career front, Jupiter, your ruling planet, will enter your 10th House of Profession and Success for the first time in twelve years and stay put until late next year! This is definitely the time to put your dreams of your future employment, business creation or career move into play. This is no time to be shy, make your move.

December 22- January 19
Oh boy, hang on because this is the month you get real with yourself and face things you have long put off.
The good news is you have been worried over nothing because everything is fixable. Taxes, medical bills, credit investments insurance needs, all can be worked out to your satisfaction this month.
August is more than about finances for you, by the 12th you have opportunities that make you completely joyful.
Take a chance, pursue a degree, enter that photography contest or finally write that book!
Travel is in the picture for you this month through the end of the year. Make plans and enjoy your long deserved vacation.