August Horoscopes

We have just come out of five different retrogrades, and you might feel like you have been through a real battle. The good news is today is 8-8 The Lions Gate. Today starts a refreshing and healing flow of energy between what is in the physical, and what can be positively influenced to help us from the spiritual realm. It is called the Lions Gate, because it occurs in the sign of Leo. This observance goes back thousands of years with ties to ancient Egypt, as a time of renewing, with powerful creative energies flowing in. This gateway is marked by an alignment between the earth and the star Sirius. As Sirius rises in the night sky, Orion’s Belt aligns with the Pyramid of Giza, and the bright star Sirius seems closer, and even more dazzling. What does that mean? It’s time to get very clear on your intentions and make your plan for success.

Virgo-August 23-September 22 – Earth Sign – The Virgin – Lucky Days: 10, 15, 26
Be a visionary, and a vision of heightened awareness in lavender for August. You are content to stay on your own, or at home more this month. You find enjoyment in the pages of a spiritually uplifting book, or cooking, even just binge watching your favorite shows rather than going out. You are questioning all your choices now. You are trying to get clear on what you really want for your future. You are extra sensitive to the moons cycles lately, and this month is no exception. Money flows to you from all areas this month. You are feeling loved and cared for as romance takes the forefront. Relax and enjoy life. You deserve it.

Leo- July 23-August 22 – Fire Sign- The Lion – Lucky Days: 9, 13, 18, 31
Your spirits are centered, encouraged and empowered with the color orange this month. You feel ready to make things happen this month, and you will have plenty of opportunities to do so. Everything is heightened, relationships, romance, creativity, and exploring new passions you didn’t know you had! You are entering a time of prosperity, breaking through old patterns that no longer serve you. A new more self assured you is emerging, offering up more faith in yourself and your dreams. Relationships move to a new level, some deepen and flourish, and some are cooling off. You don’t let this alter your forward movement for the positive. You shake off negative situations, moving forward in a detached manner when necessary. Make sure to value yourself and your needs as much as you do the needs of others. You have the talents, skills, and resources to create the beautiful life you deserve.

Libra-September 23-October 22 – Air Sign – The Scales Lucky Days: 11, 17, 28
Gray gives you the warriors advantage this month. You accomplish much behind the scenes over the days ahead. This is your month to shine in all areas of your life. A demanding career, long hours and persistence will pay off by years end. While you gain more and more attention, try and stay humble and grounded. This is a great time for group projects. Thinking of a move in career, or living space? Now could be the right time. Be on the lookout for opportunities in areas you have been hoping for.

Scorpio-October 23-November 21-Water Sign – The Scorpion– Lucky Days: 12, 18, 23
You are an intense and passionate being wearing any shade of maroon. You are calm and kind, and your goodness is being noticed and finally appreciated. Relationships are shaken up for better and worse over the next few weeks. Careful not to jump to conclusions that might lead to disagreements. Assume the best first. Seek balance in all things now. Just because you have the energy, doesn’t mean you have to spend it to exhaustion each day. Find the quiet inside, this is where the creative juices flow for your art, projects and relationships with yourself and others.

Sagittarius-November 22-December 21 Fire Sign – The Archer– Lucky Days: 17, 22, 31
You are taking care of business this month! Add even more confidence to your day by adding purples to your wardrobe. These next few weeks make you feel like a kid again. The pressure is lifting off your shoulders after many months of added stress. Feeling happy and creative brings out your passionate side in the bedroom and the boardroom. Stay grounded enough to recognize and appreciate what you have and the people in your life. You are more social than ever, but most of it stays light for the moment. Now is not the time for big changes. Keep working on the slower, steadier path this month.

Capricorn- December 22-January 19- Earth Sign – The Goat– Lucky Days: 13, 25, 30
Time to get centered and ground yourself in tones of brown. You are feeling pulled outside yourself to meditate and envision success and peace in your life. Hold on to your desk chair. Work is a whirlwind this month. Keep your foundation steady, strong, and building success after success will last. Your finances get a welcome boost at this time, and travel may also be in the cards. You are getting in touch with your core self and values now. Family and friends move to the forefront.

Aquarius-January 20-February 18 – Air Sign – The Water Bearer– Lucky Days: 9, 16, 21, 30
You are wise and loyal in blue this month. If you have been overspending, cut back now and you will still have the opportunity to save for that possible rainy day in the future, or a purchase you truly want. You are feeling ready for a clear out of things and people that no longer serve your highest and greatest good. That’s okay, it is time to put yourself first for a change. You’ll need more harmony and understanding from those close to you. This would be a great time to try yoga or meditation techniques to de-stress.

Pisces-February 19-March 20- Water Sign – The Fishes– Lucky Days: 6, 17, 25
Peace,love and harmony are found wearing turquoise in color, or jewelry. You are on a winning streak in all areas of your life right now. So, go ahead and ask for what you want. You love life heats up and the passion carries into next month. All your good deeds come back to you in unexpected ways this month. Your career gets on the right path and takes a winning path. You feel a need for more connection to your spiritual side. Make space and time to connect with your higher self.

Aries –March 21st – April 20– Fire Sign – The Ram– Lucky Days: 8, 11, 17, 28
Red is you power color this month, in all shades. Be bold and shake off guilt and negative experiences from the past. This is a powerful month to move forward and be your boldest self. The planets make your romantic life interesting this month. There will be opportunities for you to find love or deepen the one you’re with already. Focus on the money to be gained despite any professional stresses. Things ease up as the month goes on. Think about waiting 30-90 days before taking any big financial risks. The moon mid-month
could take things on a wild ride.

Taurus-April 21st – May 21–Earth Sign – The Bull– Lucky Days: 13, 22, 30
Wrap yourself in shades of purple this month. Just a touch here and there will do. A pop of color on your collar, shirt or scarf will align you with your royal inner self. Own that power! Pay attention and use caution working with machinery and driving. While your influence and popularity this month increase, those texts can wait. While you should keep forward momentum in your work, projects, and money matters. Make time to enjoy your success. You meet someone of interest this month personally, and in business. If you have been thinking of adding a second stream of income, now is a great time to start. If you are creating art or a new project musically, you are given inspiration in your dreams.

Cancer- June 22-July 22- Water Sign – The Crab– Lucky Days: 16, 24,30
Help clear your thoughts and your path to increased wealth with any shade of green. I always prefer cash green myself! You feel more drawn to stay closer to home this month. Gardening, home improvements, and redecorating makes you the happiest at the moment. This could also be a time of unexpected financial gains. Unexpected calls, or visits from an old friend could happen, and be a nice surprise for you.

Gemini-May 21-June 21 -Air Sign – The Twins– Lucky Days: 14, 19, 25
Yellow helps you level up for success in every area of your life this month, and helps shake off shades of depression or self-doubt. Get focused on your step by step plan for moving ahead with a new project, or team building effort. Keep your money in your pocket this month. Put off big purchases and rash decisions for 30 days. Instead of shopping therapy, enjoy the passionate romantic possibilities that come up this month. Spend some quiet time with friends or family.