2016 Aurora, Texas Alien Encounter Celebrating the 1897 UFO Crash

If you didn’t make it to the Event, the videos of the first ever official commemoration of the “Aurora Alien Encounter” that took place Saturday April 16th are now available for viewing! 1897 was the year a crashed UFO and the discovery of an “alien” body happened in Aurora, Texas, near Fort Worth. The Dallas Morning News article, published two days after the crash, said that the pilot’s funeral would take place on April 18. Another newspaper, The Fort Worth Register, said, “The pilot, who was not an inhabitant of this world, was given proper Christian burial at the Aurora Cemetery.” Today, a state historical marker mentioning the strange incident stands outside the cemetery entrance. For the first time in 2016, the City of Aurora commemorated the extraordinary event with an official resolution, recognizing it as a valid historical incident and honoring its significance.

Hosting the event along with the City of Aurora was Texas native Daniel Jones, founder of VORTEXAS, an organization dedicated to providing the community with useful information on a wide range of topics including spirituality, holistic health, meditation, metaphysics, the paranormal, UFOs, cryptozoology, spirits / ghosts, and psychic abilities. More information is available at http://vortexas.net
Jones was the Master of Ceremonies for the conference.

This Event was really well thought out. The chefs of MD Resort catered a buffet lunch at Aurora’s MD Resort, which allowed attendees to get “up close and personal” with world famous UFO abductee Travis Walton.  Shuttle tours took people right to the sites where the 1897 Aurora UFO crash occurred and where the “alien” was later buried!

This impressive list of Guest Speakers and their talks can now be seen on Youtube Videos! Check out the links below.

  • The keynote speaker will be the world’s most famous UFO abductee, Travis Walton, whose story of being taken aboard a UFO for five days in 1974 was the basis for the hit Paramount movie Fire in the Sky. While working with a logging crew in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest in Arizona, Travis and six companions saw a silver, metallic disc-shaped aircraft hovering in a nearby clearing. Suddenly, the UFO shot out a bright, blue-green beam of light, striking Travis in the chest. Fearing for their lives, the other men fled, leaving Travis behind, and later reported the incident to law enforcement. Despite an intensive search by lawmen and volunteers, no trace of Travis was found for five days. Then, he suddenly reappeared with an incredible story of having been aboard a UFO. His testimony of what he saw aboard the ship has been called one of the most intriguing first-hand UFO accounts ever. Multiple lie detector tests on Travis and his six companions have confirmed their story.
  • Bestselling author, award-winning former journalist for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, and renowned conspiracy theorist Jim Marrs. Marrs is best known for his New York Times bestselling book Crossfire: The Plot That Killed Kennedy, which served as the basis for the Oliver Stone movie JFK, for which Marrs served as the chief consultant. The Aurora UFO case, though, has remained a passionate point of interest for Marrs over many decades, and he has been interviewed about it for countless television documentaries, books, newspaper articles, and websites. In addition to the lecture by Marrs, attendees will also watch a documentary that features extensive commentary about the Aurora Incident by Marrs.
  • Writer Nick Redfern, expert on the paranormal who has written dozens of books on UFOs, cryptozoology, and other arcane subjects, will give a presentation about famous UFO cases in Texas including the Lubbock Lights, the Levelland UFO case, the Cash-Landrum UFO Incident, and the Stephenville Lights. Redfern has been featured on numerous TV shows including the BBC’s Out of This World; the SyFy Channel’s Proof Positive; and the History Channel’s Monster Quest, America’s Book of Secrets, Ancient Aliens and UFO Hunters. Originally from the United Kingdom, Nick now resides just outside of Dallas
  • Texas author Noe Torres, will talk about another UFO crash in Texas similar to the Aurora case but 58 years later. Torres’ book The Other Roswell: UFO Crash on the Texas-Mexico Border first disclosed the amazing story of Air Force Reservist Colonel Robert Willingham’s encounter with a crashed UFO near Del Rio, Texas, in 1955. Willingham said he visited the site of the saucer and saw three non-human entities through a hole in the ruptured hull of the ship. The strange beings, two of which were badly mangled, appeared to have died in the crash. “It didn’t look like humans to me,” Willingham said. The retired aviator said the beings had large heads, slit-like mouths, and “arms like broomsticks.” World-renowned UFO investigator Dr. Bruce Maccabee calls the case “One of the world’s most interesting UFO crash retrieval stories.” He has written seven books about famous UFO cases, has appeared on the History Channel’s UFO Hunters television series, the Travel Channel’s Mysteries at the National Parks, and has spoken at and also helped organize numerous UFO conferences throughout Texas.
  • Texas UFO researcher Stephen Andrasko, will talk about UFO sightings in the 1800s, as featured in the recent book The Real Cowboys and Aliens: UFO Encounters of the Old West, for which he assisted with the research. When the Steven Spielberg movie Cowboys and Aliens was released in 2011, many people wondered if UFOs were really ever seen by the cowboys and ranchers of America’s Old West. The answer is a resounding “YES,” according to Andrasko, who will present a number of incredible tales of encounters between real cowboys and real UFOs.
  • Award winning Writer Tui Snider, specializing in offbeat, quirky travel destinations. Aurora, was featured in her book Unexpected Texas: Your guide to Offbeat & Overlooked History, Day Trips & Fun things to do near Dallas & Fort Worth. She has titled her talk “What on Earth were they Thinking? Public Reaction to the 1897 Texas Airship Mystery.”
    Check out their Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1676598115910128/I hope to see you there next year!

    Teal Gray