Beauty, Brains and Heart Take Center Stage at the Mrs. Texas Pageant!

By Teal Gray

Many young girls watched the beauty pageants on television and dreamed of taking the stage one day;  then got married had families and never pursued that dream.

The Mrs. Texas Pageant makes that young dream possible! There is no previous pageant experience required; and you do not need a special talent to compete. 

Mrs. America is open to all ages, vocations, and backgrounds. The one thing they all have in common is that they are married and have a desire to compete. The women vary from housewives to scientists. There is no height requirement either. This is truly a pageant for any married woman that has a passion to compete. Go to their website for full details 

The website will give you a full list of this year’s competitors and past winners.

2013 Mrs. Texas,  Austen Williams won Mrs. America!

Tickets are still available to this exciting event taking place Saturday April 19th 5:30pm at the Palace Theater 112 W 6th Ave, Corsicana, Texas. 

My personal favorite this year is Mrs. Dena Miller. She was Mrs. Highland Park in 2012; and now in 2014.

I was able to visit with her about her platform and the event.  She told me, “it’s a fun girl’s weekend.” The delegates are friends that enjoy the annual friendly competition. It sounds like a very busy weekend for them. They have a photo shoot, rehearsals, interviews which are 50% of their score. The Pageant will have an opening number dance routine by all delegates followed by swimsuit and lastly, evening gown.  Then a new Mrs. Texas is crowned! 

The event has a serious side as well. Mrs. Miller’s platform is to raise awareness to the prescription drug epidemic that is leading to the rise of heroin use in this country. Mrs. Miller said, “It’s important for people to know that the face and demographic of the addict has expanded and knows no boundaries.  No family is immune to the scourge of drug addiction. It most often begins innocently, with a prescription for pain meds due to an accident, sports injury, etc. No longer are addict’s poor, uneducated and all the things one thinks about them.  The new faces of addiction are suburban housewives, athletes, children from stable two parent homes. “   “As Mrs. Highland Park, and possibly Mrs. Texas, I will be available to share my experience and the knowledge I have acquired to help families.  I will continue to educate myself for the purposes of protecting my family; and educating others so they may do the same. I will promote organizations like Just Say Yes ( ) to send mentors into schools.” 

Well said Dena.  I wish you luck, not only in the pageant; but with this very worthy organization 

Dena Miller













Thanks to Danny Campbell for Dena Miller’s headshot.

 Larry Wright is the official pageant photographer for Mrs. Texas.

 Teal Gray

Regular contributor to Tessie’s Take on