Better Than Sex… An Unforgettable Dessert Restaurant Experience!

Last night I had the privilege of covering the private VIP opening for the Better Than Sex Dessert Restaurant. From the moment I walked through the doors, the ambiance whispered, “Welcome darling, you’re in for a treat tonight.” Every element of the décor flirted with my senses. The sultry red walls seemed to do a slow strip tease, with various spots of “nudity” exposing the bare bricks beneath. Chandeliers dangling enticingly from the golden ceilings, gently lit the private tables below them. The floors glistened like sweaty bodies, greeting the walls that were tastefully decorated with erotic art. In the midst of these tempting settings, were private booths that seated up to four people; although most intimately seated only two. Candle light danced in beautifully crafted candle holders that sat on every table. The tables were each separated by elegant red and gold curtains, for a touch of privacy that made you feel as if you and your lover were all alone.

I could go on and on about how phenomenally this place is decorated, by 20 year veteran designer, Gloria Taylor, but it’s a dessert restaurant – so what about the food? Well for starters, Better Than Sex is definitely not a family friendly restaurant. With signature drinks called “rim jobs”, which boast names that would make a porn star blush, even the menu needs a Parental Advisory label, lol. I was served a drink called Sex Appeal. It was a signature White Moscato, served in a glass drizzled in white chocolate and dipped in raspberry sugar. It definitely seemed to call to my wild side. I mean, there is no way to get sumptuous handmade white chocolate off of a glass, other than to lick it. It’s thick, so to get the job done (clearing my throat, no pun intended) you must lick it intently, slowly and deliberately. Let’s just say, I’m glad I was at the table alone while I enjoyed this drink — it may have been a bit awkward for anyone watching, lol!

All of the drinks are served in rim drenched glasses, with names such as Klimax and Slip Inside, to name a few. Then the desserts came. I was given three enticing desserts to sample. The Big D, the Cookie Nookie Pie and the Banana Bazooka. See the picture gallery below for a look at how beautifully these dishes were served. The portions are healthy, definitely enough for two to share. Each dessert I sampled was absolutely delectable. The bourbon ice cream and pecan brittle served with The Big D, and the vanilla crème that complimented the Cookie Nookie Pie were all memorable bites. My favorite overall dessert was the Banana Bazooka, made of luscious layers of bananas, cream, pastry and caramel. You just have to see this menu for yourself, to understand how enticing the selections are. (The viewing link is listed at the end of this article.) 

Derrick and Sheila, the married couple who owns the Dallas franchise, have each dreamed of being business owners for years. It was in 2015 that Sheila and Derrick knew that a Better Than Sex franchise was their destiny. That is when they first walked through the doors of the flagship location in Key West, Florida. It is apparent in how well orchestrated the private opening was, and in the overall excellence of every aspect of the restaurant and the service that they have put there all into its success. They are genuinely nice and warm people to be around and their love for each other and their family exudes from their presence in a very inviting way.

When interviewing Sheila I asked her, “What is your favorite dessert?”

“Oh, I love them all!” she exclaimed.  “I love the Cookie Nookie Pie. I like the Popcorn Pimp Cheesecake. I like the Threesome… I haven’t had The Big D yet, though.”

With a look of sincere surprise, I said, “Oh really? With so many children it is surprising that you haven’t had ‘the big D’.”

My intonation suggested a question, which prompted her to respond, “Well, you know we’ve just been so busy with the…” She then stopped mid-sentence and with a girlish giggle, said, “Ohhhh, ‘the big D’. LOL. Well I’ve had the…” 

You get my point, and as you can imagine that was a hilarious moment for us all. That is just the kind of fun that you have at a restaurant called, Better Than Sex — run by a fun-loving couple. It was truly a five-star experience and I am looking forward to returning with my significant other to enjoy all that the restaurant has to offer, time and again. Better Than Sex officially opens on September 28, 2019, at 6:00 PM. Normal operating hours will be from Tuesday to Sunday, 6:00 PM to midnight. The restaurant only has 21 tables, so it’s best to make a reservation. You can reserve a table up to 30 days in advance, so grab your spot now!

Of course, the most important question of the night has yet to be answered: Is it really better than sex? Well… even though the drinks and desserts were tantalizing enough to make a fair comparison to an orgasmic experience, whether or not it is actually better than sex probably depends on your partner and your appetites. However, I can definitively say that at the least, if it’s not better than sex,  a romantic date at this restaurant will guarantee you — better sex!

Visit their website to view menu and make a reservation. Be sure to mention that you read about them in The Dallas Entertainment Journal!


SouLah the Legend aka Laneen “Dr. Intimacy” Haniah

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