Beyonce has best week ever! Dallas Concert and New Album:Review!

As the song states Beyonce Knowles Carter is a “Grown Woman” who can do whatever she wants, If Beyonce wants drop an album days after completing the second wind of a huge sold out stadium tour,without any promotion,publicity or warning whatsoever she can do that!  Her album is already the number 1 download on itunes and will surely go platinum when physical copies are offered. How is that for celebrity influence? The album  simply titled “Beyonce” features 14 new songs  and corresponding videos including the much loved pepsi commercial single “Grown Woman”, her ode to her daughter featuring her daughter titled “Blue” other collaborations include: Mine Featuring Drake,Flawless featuring Chiminada Ngozi,Super Power feat Frank Ocean and another duet with Hubby Hova aka Jay-z titled “Drunk on Love” The albums features a mix of hip hop heavy jams such as “Yonce” a Houston style slow rap with a sexy video featuring top models Chanel Iman, Joan Smalls and Jourdan Dunn. On the raciest track “Partition”  Beyonce swaggers through sexy verses  confessing her and Jay’s love  of *cough* riding in cars.The RnB side features an obligatory “Damn men are Triflin” record that keep her female fans faithful running back titled “Jealous”  and the sultry D’angelou-esque “Rocket” well make perfect mood music one a track I’m on the fence about is the 70’s style funk of “Blow” But I know I’ll get addicted if i keep listening. All together this visual album is entertaining fun and more than a little edgy.The album constantly references drugs,sex and rock and roll and is the first Beyonce album to earn a Parental Advisory sticker although this warning may be attributed to the barely there outfits featured throughout the 14 videos. I give it 4 stars Beyonce wins everything because well she is Beyonce

The Mrs. Carter  world tour made it’s second stop to the American airlines center in downtown Dallas Monday December 9th to a sold out stage. Fans braved the cold as early as 5am to gain prime standing space in the general admisson area. In true Beyhive Fashion concert goers were decked out in the latest trends fishnets and mini skirts even in 20 degree weather.

check out the mini videos here