Blink Like the Stars at Blink Bar

By Tessie Painter and Katie Who

LASHES! LASHES! LASHES!!! Long, thick, full, and shimmering LASHES! We see them on celebrities; and no matter how much many tubes of mascara we buy, we never seem to match the lushes lashes of the red carpets, movies, videos, television and magazine covers. What is their secret? Katie Who interviewed Tirzah, founder of Blink Bar to find out what makes all of her Hollywood celebrities blink!

Eyelash extensions! Are they the newest fashion trend or the oldest kept secret? Both! Tirzah told Dallas Entertainment Journal and recording artist, Katie Who, that extensions date back more than one-thousand years to the Orient and to Egypt. The astounding beauty and reputed mystical charms of Cleopatra and Helen of Troy may have been the blink-of-an-eye; more precisely, the long lusterous blinks of their eyes… their lashes.

Think about your eye-lash crushes. You have them; the starlets with the most beautiful lashes with absolutely no mascara clumping or that false eye-lash give-away look. Blink Bar makes it possible for us to have the same luxurious lashes we envy. Unlike starving in search of the airbrushed, surreal bodies, lash extensions are actually better for your lashes than mascara. They attach one lash to each of your lashes with a surgical adhesive. Put the daily application and removal of mascara behind you and watch your lashes thank you, one Blink Bar visit at a time. With over 300 color, size and shape combinations from which to choose, we can blink like the celebrity of our chosing! Extensions should be touched-up every 2-3 weeks. They require less care than our finger nails!

Blink Bar was started in Hollywood by writer and producer Tirzah Shirai Briscoe to meet the needs of LA celebrities; and those who want to blink like the stars. The demand for the unique quality and affordability of The Blink Bar has been increasing; and Tirzah wants to make the best available in other major cities; so she came to Dallas. The Blink Bar pop-up is inside of Blaine’s salon at 3227 McKinney Avenue, across from Bread Winner’s in Uptown.

Check out “We put the Minx in your Blink”. Book online for your celebrity blink!

See pictures of Dallas Entertainment Journal’s Katie Who interviewing Tirzah and getting her first lash extensions. It was love at first blink! Katie plans to wear Blink Bar lashes at her Red Carpet Event, Saturday Night Spectacular with Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg October 18, 2014. See, benefiting Autism.

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