Blu Crab: Where Poseidon Dines

By Tessie Painter

Understated universally modern décor welcomed me, as I entered the Blu Crab restaurant on Camp Bowie Boulevard in Fort Worth.  The long, simple, fully-stocked and fresh bar was lined with clusters of patrons engaging, unwinding and recharging.  The blue seating and accents offer a soothing oasis and the anticipation of a treat from the sea.  Large, bright pieces of art cover the west wall.  The movements are peaceful; while the colors bring life to the room, as well as its occupants.  The lighting and accents are elegant, and tasteful, complementing the crisp mood.

As I released my day; and allowed the cushioned booth to absorb me into its comforting support, I felt the warm expectation of culinary seduction.   The menus arrived.  There it was; the list of succulent options; each explanation increasing my salivation.  The carte du jour offered Mahi Mahi, Chillean Sea Bass, Tilapia, and so much more.  The waitress approached again with our drinks and of course… the specials.   Rainbow Tuna?  Quite tempting.

The delightful engineering of their bill of faire includes the ability to select your fish, and specifically how you want it prepared (grilled, seared, or blackened);  choose your sauce; and then your sides.  No need for substitutions.  Your order is always customized.  I love this!   Have you ever wished you could just get the sauce from one dish on another dish?  I do; and I generally order precisely what I want, the way I want it.  I highly recommend always getting exactly what you really want from a restaurant, as well as life.  It is so nice to do that without asking them to alter their system.

My grilled Mahi-Mahi was custom prepared for me with white wine butter sauce over asparagus.    The presentation was precise and enticing.  My plump fish sat atop 5 large, long and tender spears of asparagus.  The sauce draped over the entire entrée, adding a perfect spice and moisture balance.  There was more than just wine and butter to that sauce.  Something gave it a kick!  A unique blend of black, white and red pepper with a very slight hint of both lemon-young leaves and ginger created a signature flavor.   The spicy savor hit hard and fled shortly after each bite.   The fish was grilled to a fluff; and both moist and flaky from corner to corner, with relatively even thickness.    The asparagus was tender throughout each bite, with the necessary touch of al dente to preserve the freshness and flavor of the highest quality produce.   The cole-slaw’s large shreds were drenched in a mild and tasty dressing; offering comfort food flavor with a large texture surprise.

My friend ordered the seared Rainbow Tuna with broccoli and red pepper sauce.    The tuna searing sealed the juices while leaving the fish tender and juicy.   The red pepper sauce was a puree that punched my tongue with rich flavor.  I would buy that in a jar to serve at home; and I avoid jars.  The broccoli was tenderly al dente with light sea salt, garlic and white pepper seasoning.

The portions were the perfect size to present well, and satisfy without the guilt of leftovers which may never make it home.   My 6’2 friend and I were both satisfied with our portions, with very little left over.

Blu Crab offers a delightful feast, fit for Poseidon.  Henry Pham, Victor Nguyen, and Eric Nguyen restaurateurs did well with Pho Noodle; and hit a home run with sea food.

Treat yourself soon; and mention that you heard about them in the Dallas Entertainment Journal/Tessie’s Take.

Remember:  Food is a metaphor for life.  Order exactly what you want; and savor every bite!