Celebrate National Ice Cream Day with the Lust List most wanted Treats

Happy National Ice Cream Day DFW

Article by: Jasmine Ellis

Heres the best spots to get sweet treats in DFW

1.) Sprinkles- The Cupcake killers branched into ice cream some time ago and while it may seem like juts s a great pairing there ecedant flavors like red velvet and coffee cake ar delicious alone or as part of a cupcake sunday oar cupcake sandwich. The possibilities are endless.


2.) Cool Haus- The Ice cream man is now cooler than ever before. Cool Haus uses mostly natural and organic ingredients to serve up delicious Ice cream Sandwhiches , made with two huge cookies available in flavors like peatunt better and red velvet, double chocolate and mint chocolate chip, and in-between the give you a more than generous scoop of Ice cream my favorites are captain crunch, vanilla ( it’s far from ordinary) and Nutella
Although this truck doesn’t go door to door I follow them on twitter @coolhausdfw for updates on daily flavors and where they will be stopping. I usually find them at Klyde Warren Park whenever it’s nice outside. If you can catch up try the Peanut butter and nutella sandwhich.

3.) Pacuigo! So Good and so awesome Pacuigo is available at several locations like the Parks mall in arlington, Northpark mall and the Shopping Center in Uptown. it’s the perfect after date spot featuring rich and fruity Gelato flavors. Local Favorites include the Sea Salt Caramel and for the summer i challenge you to try some of there milk-free varieties that go down smooth like a sorbet, putting the raspberry and mango together will be the best choice you ever make I promise!Unknown-3

4.) Shake it up at Becks Prime: Eating Ice cream is amazing that’s no secret but drinking it is even better. Check out there Oak Lawn Avenue and Forrest Lane and Preston Locations to try thee legendary She’s made with better fat. Yes you read that correctly butter fat in our health conscious nay I’ll say it weight obsessed society one chain dares to do the unthinkable; make a delicious shake and tell you not to care about the calories, And trust me you won’t I recommend the Jamocha because you can lie to yourself and say it’s your daily cup of coffee. Becks has a wide variety of healthy menu options and even some vegetarian choices and you can see there fat and calorie count listed but next to there shames, It just says “Worth it” because it is !