Charlene Tilton Receives TXMPA’s Impact Legacy Award for “Dallas”

It is so hard to believe that it has been 40 years since the first episode of #DallasTVShow aired; and Charlene Tilton barely looks 40!  Charlene played Lucy, the sexy blond niece of JR Ewing.  Charlene came to receive the award on behalf of the show; and couldn’t say enough to thank the people of Dallas.  Charlene credited the film crews of Dallas with being the best she had ever experienced.  They worked relentlessly in July and August heat, and January and February ice and cold, with zero complaining.  The crews made extra efforts to accommodate the actors in the conditions, without thinking of themselves.  It was a very kind and appreciative speech.

When I spoke to Charlene one on one, she shared how she got the role.  She read the description of the character, and said, “I know her.  I can be her”; and she went for it.  And it changed her life, forever.  Charlene sets an example for the many young people out there to go after their dreams when they see them.  Whatever it is that you want, go after it!  You can be the one who gets it!

Pictures courtesy of Alex Barba for

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