Check out our Review of DFW’s biggest Comedy Festival: Oddball 2014.

Review by: Jasmine Ellis

This past weekend the Dallas was treated to some of the best names in comedy at the Gexa Pavillion. The outdoor venue served as the perfect spot for the 2nd Annual Odd Ball Festival of Comedy and curiosities: a show packed with internationally known headlining comics.The main stage show started at 7pm with starting with celebrity Roaster Jeff Ross as the evenings host. He employed a handy dandy “Roast cam” to jab at audience members who dare sit in the front row of a comedy show and later in the evening allowed volunteers to come onstage for one on one lashings. His roasting wasn’t just limited to audience members as he did a biting yet touching sing song goodbye to comedy giants Robin Williams and Joan Rivers who had recently passed my favorite quote of his hosting set Ross quipped “Joan Rivers was a pioneer in Comedy … and the Old West” I’m paraphrasing of course but Ross served as a great host for the cluster of comics.

Some of my favorites incuded Mark Maron from FX’s new show married and the Wtf Podcast his jokes made the humdrum hilarious detailing the funny parts of long distance relationships and his Ice cream addiction. TV producer, actress and comedian Whitney Cummings received mixed reviews on her humor which on the surface seemed overtly sexual but really dug into our cultures obsession with titillating male senses. Julian Mccullough set was so funny it seemed tragically short I never in a million years would have thought I’d be bowling over laughing about the baby sitters club but Mccullough made it happened Bravo.
A returning favorite was Hannibal Buress he took an interesting route as a comic and began by riffing off of the very X rated humor from Cummings and went into his very funny set about drugs and sports, the subject matter might seem obviously related but his take on it was very unique ” steriods are great thats a drug that had created a lot of great baseball moments and in turn a lot of great father son moments, what has PCP done for families” Again I apologize for any misquotes but the very very intention is still there. A big name that most of the audience came to see was Sarah Silverman and while she kept her routine funny with a hilariously raunchy family feud style bit, she used the opportunity to speak out on her political opinions on the impending Texas female health care issues, while some might have called it preachy if your a Silverman fan you shouldn’t have been even a little bit surprised.
Finally the Man of the hour Louis CK took the stage as the crowd was showing visible and audible sins of black out drunkenness his confidence and great visuals brought us back! CK’s set talked about parenting, sex and drugs in ways that wer relatable to anyone across the board he brought the night to a close with one of the funniest jokes that created a visual show goers will be talking about for months.
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