Come Celebrate – Open House Office Mixer with a Mission to Mentor!

Open House Office Mixer with a Mission to Mentor! 

Dear Friends, Neighbors and Clients, 

I  am inviting you out to an open house mixer at our new offices. This Monday, September 30th stop by any time between 4 pm – 8 pm. We can network together and celebrate my birthday with cake and champagne. I would love to share our current marketing and media projects with you, as well as have you participate in one. The only gift I am asking for, or accepting, is your presence and your success story!

One of our new media platforms is called Moment2Mentor. It would be an honor if you would allow us to record a five-minute interview and career profile, to post to the platform. The objective of this publication is to inspire the youth of our community, by sharing the success stories of people from different professions, highlighting various career options. You will simply give your name, career field and the top three subjects in school that relate to your career field. You can also share an inspirational tip or word of wisdom, if you so desire.

It has taken 46 years of my life to meet the wonderful friends and clients that I now have. It would mean so much to me if I can share these great relationships with the youth that we mentor, so that they too can learn from and be inspired by you. Hope to see you there!


Corey Cleghorn

CEO, World Clout Agency

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