Comedian Margaret Cho Talks to DE-J

Friday May 8th Comedian Margaret Cho performed at the Addison Improv in front of a packed crowd of long time fans and new followers. After a hilarious dark opening set from feature comedian Selene Luna, Cho opened her performance by applauding the success of ABC’s Family Sitcom “Fresh off the Boat” and poking fun at her own experience in prime time when network exec’s didn’t allow her the creative control of todays comedians with 1999’s “All American Girl” Cho Joked ” Wow Only the second Asian TV show in history mine was the first… and we f*** up so bad we had to wait 21 years for another show” moments like that one set the tone for the show, with her brilliant comedic timing and the use of voices and gestures, she tells stories that create a constant game of ping pong between the heaviness of a subject and the humor in it. Cho’s set was current and classic at the same time touching on hot button topics like the Baltimore Demonstrations and immigrations to her own experiences with drug addiction and sexuality nothing was sacred and everything was funny. The Addison Improv is a perfect place for an artist like Cho she interacted with the crowd and made every moment feel intimate.

Now with 36 years under her belt she has a bevy of hollywood stories that could make Snoop Dogg Blush from partying with the late Anna Nicole Smith to her fond memories of Joan Rivers and her friendship with the late Robin Williams whom she thinks of as a comedy father her stories are as captivating as they are self depreciating “I knew I needed help when Bobby Brown asked me out”.Check out my interview backstage with margaret Cho as she discusses voicing her opinions on controversial topics and what she has planned next for Hollwood.