Dallas Cowboys Dez Bryant Deserves New Contract

The Dallas Cowboys desire to maintain cap space is a major reason why the cowboys had to let go of eight time pro bowler, three time second team all-pro, two time NFL sacks leader, and two time NFL Butkus award recipient defensive end DeMarcus Ware.

The question is, has Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant earned the right to a contract extension? Can you trust Dez Bryant to be a team leader and a reliable person on and off the field? I think he’s earned the right to a contract extension with the Dallas Cowboys.

Dez Bryant told reporters the other day,

“I honestly feel like with what I can do, sooner or later, I’m going to get what I deserve. I believe it, that’s why I don’t stress about it. It’s coming; I know its coming, so there’s no need to worry about it.”

Since 2010, Dez has been a two time pro bowler and a 1st team All-Pro.  Bryant was set to become a free agent after putting up another pro bowl season with the Dallas Cowboys.  Owner of the Dallas Cowboys, Jerry Jones stated earlier that Dez will be a member of the team in some fashion in 2015, and of course the team franchised Dez.

Calvin Johnson the wide out for the Detroit Lions signed a seven year contract extension worth $132 million. Calvin’s contract has a major influence on why Dez wants a contract just like his.

It was reported that Dez Bryant was offered a deal worth $20 million with $10 million guaranteed each season over six years. That deal is similar to the wide receiver Brandon Marshall contract that he signed with the Chicago Bears. Marshall’s deal was worth $30 million with $10 million guaranteed each year.

Dirk Nowitzki High Fives Dez Bryant

Dallas Mavericks F Dirk Nowitzki high fives 2015 Heroes Celebrity Baseball Game teammate Dallas Cowboys WR Dez Bryant. Mandatory Photo Credit Clara Russell

Other than Calvin Johnson, who do you trust as a player more than Dez Bryant?  Dez Bryant is simply a stud, it doesn’t matter where you put Dez on the field whether it’s in the slot or the outside, and he can easily go up and get the ball. Dez is arguably a top five receiver in the league today.

Is it a possibility that we may see dez sit out on opening night against the New York Giants?  Dez may sit out one game to prove to the organization that he does mean business.  Bryant recently told NFL.com of his threat, “it’s no rumor, its legit.”

It isn’t surprising that Bryant would attempt to maximize his leverage and stimulate talks with just a few weeks before the July 15th deadline for franchise players to sign new contracts.  Time will tell if Dez is ready to play hardball, or if the Cowboys give him the contract that he wants.  Dez has two options, he could sign a one year tender that would pay him $12.823 million, or sit out for the rest of the year and lose about $800,000 per game.

This wouldn’t be the first time that a high profile Dallas Cowboys player sat out to start the season. Eight time pro bowler, four time first-team, one time second-team all-pro, four time NFL rushing leader, and three time Super Bowl champion running back Emmitt Smith did it during the 1993 season.

With rumors swirling that Bryant could possibly sign a new contract in the upcoming days, we may soon find out what’s next for the future of Dallas and Dez.

The author of this article, Jordin Metcalf, is a guest DEJ sports contributor and a senior at Lake Highlands High School.  You can follow him on Twitter @JordinMetcalf