Dallas Entertainment Journal Presents Feature Artist: Adakain

As a child many of us might have been holding a brush while dancing in front of the mirror pretending to be performing to an audience that reached into the thousands.  As we grew older we realized that household names don’t come a dime a dozen, matter of fact a very select few get the privilege of being in the same categories as the well known.  Whether it was becoming a famous singer, rapper or rock star with hard work and dedication we all know that dreams do come true.  With that said, the Dallas Entertainment Journal proudly presents Adakain as the artist of the week.

Thirty miles outside of downtown Dallas, Texas is a city by the name of Rockwall. That is where I found myself in a room full of talented men rehearsing for their upcoming tour. I admit not only had I googled their success but having the app Rhapsody where I was able to listen to their past albums somewhat didn’t prepare me for what I was about to witness.  Walking into the rehearsal room I  started to prepare my mental notes and observed every element as to what has to happen for a band to become successful at reaching their audience and paving the road to stardom.

Adakain is the type of band that naturally draws you to them. When I saw them perform in person I couldn’t help but to believe in their dream. They rehearse as if they are performing on stage, everything has to be perfect.  It is Ryan Ray, the lead singer who takes charge in terms of making sure everything as far as sound, timing and overall performance is at its highest.  Jason  Schauer,  the bass guitar player has the natural ability of communicating and linking the band with all the right connections that is needed to move forward on their road to success. Ryan Carroll, the drummer  possessed a mellowness to him that gave the impression that he is the one that comes to work, has a goal and executes and does anything to better the group as a whole.  If you’ve heard of Linkin Park then you’ve must of heard of a man named Jeff Blue. Jeff is the man that discovered Linkin Park who I’m sure we can all say is a household name. Jeff has also had his eye on Adakain which goes to show that they have what it takes to make it to the big leagues. With an upcoming tour we can definitely expect great things to come from Adakain.  This band has all that it takes to become a household name and more.

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