Dallas Entertainment Journal Presents Feature Artist: Amy Baldwin


Dallas Entertainment Journal Proudly presents Amy Baldwin as the artist of the week. With so many naturally artistic individuals living in the city of Dallas, one might find it hard to discover that fresh never before seen talent. I had the pleasure of meeting up with Amy and what I found was more than words could describe.  You have people such as Hans Hoffman, Robert Motherwell and Willem De Kooning all famous abstract painters and then you have Amy Baldwin. Though she might not be world renowned she is definitely making her mark in the city of Dallas.

At first glance, I thought of Amy as this beautiful, bashful, eclectic young lady. While getting to know her and viewing her art work I’ve come to the conclusion that not only is Amy a talented abstract artist she’s also a visionary. Bold would be the word that I would best describe her work. Not only does she make the colors on her canvas come out as strikingly as she does with her personality, she somewhat becomes a entirely different person when in what she likes to call “the zone”.  Watching her paint was nothing short of mesmerizing. Blank canvases, tarp and what seemed like pools of paint lying around is all Amy needed  to be in a artistic heaven.  

The hours I spent interviewing Amy was enough time to notice that she has more than a bright future ahead of her.  She has recently been selected to participate as one of the featured artists in Raw’s 2014 upcoming season opener that takes place February 20th at 7 pm.  Raw is an online organization that showcases the best of the best in a particular city and then puts on events where the artist can gain more exposure and also have a chance to sell their work.

  I know it’s safe to say that this won’t be last time you hear the name Amy Baldwin.  A talented,  young lady that paints the world as she see’s it. The world can be  hard to take in sometimes and sometimes things just don’t make sense, but with Amy Baldwins paintings everything becomes clear  the world is simply….beautiful.

To check out more footage from the interview click on the video to watch. Go to Amybaldwinstudio.com  for more content or follow on instagram @amybaldwinstudio 


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