Day Trippin’ with Chet Garner, “The Day Tripper”!

OMG! How much more amazing will our lives be when we take more day trips? There are so many fun things we can do within an hour’s drive… maybe 2. Turn off that television. Gas up (or charge up) the car; and Google Map your way to a daycation. That beats a staycation! If you’re not sure where to go, tune into Chet Garner, “The Day Tripper”, for some ideas. Just make sure you get off that couch and do what he says. Every town has something special; something new to explore…. something new to eat and/or drink! Sometimes the best thing they have is nature. Whatever you seek, there is a little bit of it somewhere in Texas.

Doing new things is good for your brain. It creates new pathways and connections; and keeps it firing.

While you’re at it, turn off your phones and enjoy your company. Bring the person you text most; and verbalize it. Unplug and de-stress. Clear your mind. Enrich your soul. Thank “The Day Tripper”! Follow Chet @ChetTripper.

If you find a place in Texas that needs to be explored by Chet, send him a message @ If he hasn’t been there, he may just go!

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