DE-J Taste Test: Who’Dat Daiquri’s

New Orleans is roughly 8 hrs away but if you’re willing to venture on highway 121 we may have found the next best thing when it comes to good drinks and good times in DFW

Who Dat’ Daiquiri shop is located in Lewisville TX and has an interesting placement between a corner store and a golf course.  When you walk in the doors the current culture of NOLA greets you warmly with pictures of the boots biggest stars adorning the walls and  the brightly colored tables and chairs but the biggest attraction are the Daiquiri’s in true Louisiana fashion the shop does have a drive through where drinks are delivered in the texas legal standard so don’t think you can drink and drive and blame who Dat. Inside the venue, huge vessels of Daquiri are churning delicious and unique flavors. If you’ve never been to a daiquiri shop imagine a QT with hard liquor and music and you have the cool and understated vibe of Who Dat Daiquiri Shop.

We tried all 10 of the  flavors available that  day  including octane, hurricane, fuzzy navel, and Cotton candy the drinks are available in an array of sizes from the personal: a sensible 8 ounces of sugar and liquor which is cute if you’re new to this kind of fun, then there is the Liter size for just 7 dollars and 7.75 cents (plus the cost of a lyft driver) you can have a very good night or two people can share that if they have church the next day or something, there’s also the 1/2 gallon and gallon sizes available which is perfect for catering parties.

What’s a good drink without a good meal? Obviously, it’s still a good drink but sometimes the drunk munchies can hit you hard and  you will want a good solution. Who Dat had the food on lock with their delicious fried fish plates made with hand battered deep fried   & seasoned ( I cannot stress how important that seasoning is) catfish and crispy fries you will leave full and satisfied. They also have  menu of Mexican favorites such as the gordita and tacos which will pair nicely with a frozen margarita,

Over All Who Dat is the perfect hidden gem of DFW and a beautiful to the ‘hole in the wall Daiquiri shops of” Lousiana.