December Horoscopes

Scorpio October/23/November 21/Water Sign/The Scorpion
Strong energy is with you for daily routines, health routines, organization, home and family,
particularly from December 20th to January 12th. Working from home can be successful, as well as
on the home. It is a good time to redecorate, renovate, and make organizational improvements. A
home gym may be part of the picture. Try not to argue. Disagreements can get out of hand now.
Watch for possible envy coming from colleagues or regarding your work. From the 4th to the 6th,
intimate or financial matters can come to a head. There could be some drama with regards to money,
or it might be a time for settling debts or collecting on money owed. Take your time when it comes
to making any super-important decisions. You’re in a better position to assess which projects are
doable, and if you have taken on too much, now’s the time to shift your priorities. There can be a
pleasant feeling of letting things unfold naturally, and faith that all will work out in the end. From the
20th forward, you feel more equipped to make changes in your work, health, or routines that pave
the road to progress. You’ll feel a little freer, less weighed down, and more spontaneous. Ideally, you
are a more mature and balanced person, and now is the time to focus on making your life more

Sagittarius November 22/December 21 Fire Sign
It’s a powerful month first for inspiration, feedback, and a sense that you can really make an
impact, then later, for building, settling in, and finding your place. You’re better appreciated right
now, and your personality has more strength and influence Motivation levels increase. It’s a subtle
shift, but important. Your personal magnetism and creativity are bolstered, and some of you could
make romantic connections through places of learning or through communications projects. There is
more obvious daring in your personality. The 5th and 6th are good for an announcement or an
unveiling. Relationship drama can occur now, and it’s likely positive and eye-opening. From the
21st, you’ll have more power to take charge of personal finances and matters surrounding security
and comfort. You’ll be gaining more maturity and restructuring your life in important ways. You’ll
be tending to those things you’ve left unfinished or neglected, and you may need to retrain or learn
new skills. It’s a powerful period for stabilizing and strengthening finances.

Capricorn December 22/January 19/ Earth Sign/The Goat
You’re quick to stand your ground if you feel taken for granted. You may be putting more effort into
making money, and there is excellent energy this month for financial projects and initiatives
involving home and family. News about health or work may be exaggerated, but the truthful
elements need assessment in the days following. There can be some waning of enthusiasm until you
adjust to Jupiter’s retrograde energy, which is with us for the coming four months. There may be the
need to slow down expansion in a close relationship or with shared finances. You now have a feeling
of reawakening. Family affairs are in strong form this month, particularly from the 20th. You are
feeling more in charge and confident in your domestic world, ready to make changes and to free
yourself from negative or limiting circumstances that may have been holding you back. All in all,
this is one of the best times for motivation to improve your money situation. Don’t wait until the
New Year to make your personal resolutions. You’ll receive all the support you need to do so.

Aquarius January 20/February 18/ Air Sign/The Water Bearer
A lot may be going on behind the scenes, but you’re not exactly a wallflower this December. You’re
more than willing to go after what you want, to assert your needs, and to put others in their place if
they overstep their bounds. People may not be privy to your deeper feelings, affections, and goals.
Look for healthy ways to push the limits, and constructive channels for excess energy. Increased
activity is great – it’s haste that should be avoided. Brilliant energy is with you for communications,
transportation, and learning, and this is especially the case from December 20-January 12. Projects,
interests, or connections that have stalled can resume and delight. From the 8th, however, some of
the enthusiasm you’ve been feeling about a relationship or the pursuit of a relationship can wane, or
you may begin to simply enjoy the fruits of a partnership and ease off efforts to push it forward. As
well, love becomes more complicated and private from the 10th forward. It’s a time when a
friendship deepens and stabilizes, and when you set solid, important, long-term plans into motion.

Pisces February 19/March 20/Water Sign/The Fishes
Major areas of focus this month are career, finances, and friendships. It can be difficult, at times, to
know the source of irritation or anger, try not to let restless feelings drive your behavior. This is in
fact a good time to identify the true source of problems. Reassess and slow down, avoid scrapping
things altogether just because you’re not feeling as motivated. New opportunities on a financial level
can emerge this month, particularly from the 20th until January 12th. You need to do something
different than the usual or regular in order to bring money in right now, and your ideas are very
Personal resources can continue to fluctuate, but you feel more in control. You are also more
courageous when it comes to defending yourself and what you believe you’re worth. The 21st gives
you a shot of power to begin fresh with a friend or group. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to work
things through, but you could be feeling some initial weight. During this cycle, you are likely to
reassess your career and standing, realigning your attitudes to better serve your purpose and to get
yourself on track. Circumstances conspire to remind you of the importance of structure,
responsibility, and reputation in your life. Many of you will be making changes in the coming years
so that your career path better reflects the principles closest to your heart. There are greater
responsibilities, but also greater accomplishments possible.

Aries March 21/April 20/Fire Sign/The Ram
Career, business, and responsibilities return to the front burner with less pressure and more pleasure.
Team efforts can thrive this month, and new projects can really take off. The motivation to pursue
your dreams and to make plans for an exciting future is with you. It’s a time for getting real. It’s time
to realign your thinking and adjust plans accordingly. There may be some waning enthusiasm
experienced regarding a romance or creative project, but once you adjust your expectations and take
into better account the time you have available. You dare to be different, and you’re more willing to
put yourself out there, although there are times when these traits run counter to your business goals
and pursuits. Power to boost your professional life is strong from the 21st. There is more focus on
teaching, publishing, and sharing information in your career. It’s also a stabilizing, supportive energy
that helps you to meet responsibilities.

Taurus April 21/May 21/Earth Sign/The Bull
You have more energy, ambition, and motivation to pursue career and business goals. With this
enthusiasm, you’re capable of a lot of hard work. Try to work independently but avoid unnecessary
conflicts with authority figures or colleagues. Jupiter has been bringing strong, enthusiastic energy to
your home life, family, and domestic projects, and will continue to do so through to next summer.
You’re now naturally focusing on goals and responsibilities outside of the home environment. This is
an excellent month, particularly from the 20th, for letting go of limiting circumstances and self-
defeating attitudes, making a break from the past somehow, and putting more faith in your intuition.
If you’ve been limiting yourself in your career due to fear of change or fear of failure, this is a great
time to develop more faith in your abilities. If you have any resolutions to make revolving around
traveling, learning, and becoming more adventurous in 2020, don’t wait until January 1st to make
them. Set your intentions. On the 23rd, you may be dealing with some restricted support or resources
from a partner. There could be some dullness or routine involved in your intimate life for some of
you. This is a time for learning to rely more faithfully on your own ability to make a living. You
would do well to organize your finances and to get a stronger sense of where you stand in terms of
debt to and support from others, as circumstances are such that you will need to face reality about
these matters in the next while.

Gemini May 21/June 21/Air Sign/The Twins
You’ll be dealing with relationship matters, and especially commitments, this month, but this is also
an over-arching theme that is only just beginning for you and will in fact be in force for a few years.
A sense of peace regarding work and health routines comes towards the end of the month, as you feel
more structured and accomplished. You could find that you’re making more concessions than usual
and that your agenda takes a back seat to the plans and needs of important people in your life. A
relationship matter might suddenly reveal itself, or your own feelings become powerfully clear.
Emotions run high, and yours could surprise you with their force. A personal revelation can also
occur now. From the 20th, your spirit for making friends is renewed, and the desire to do something
about regrets or outworn, stale patterns of relating with others is strong. In fact, all month and
especially from December 20-January 12, brilliant energy is with you for networking, friendships,
the question! Some of you are easing slowly but surely into a more committed, stable relationship,
others may be questioning your current relationship or relationship status.

Cancer June 22/July 22/Water Sign/The Crab
The month begins with a focus on reorganization, work, and special attention to health regimes.
There is a strong sense that you are on top of things in your life, in fact, this will be an overarching
theme for several years, beginning in the last week of December. Your personal relationships come
into stronger focus the further we move forward in the month. You may be doing some investigating.
There may be some conflicts experienced over money or resources. However, overall, this is a good
time for getting a handle on work and health, exploring your options, and doing hard-hitting research
and analysis. Make important changes, and take a look at things from a new, more realistic
unique path, one that reflects your talents and your individuality. Your ability to take personal and
professional risks is stronger now. You have a stronger sense that you’re in charge of making
changes, rather than a feeling that changes are being forced on you. This is a time for making critical
changes in your daily habits, and is strong for dieting, health improvement, cutting back, and
healthier, more structured routines. Some of you could land a new position that requires more
structure and effort.

Leo July 23/August 22/Fire Sign/The Lion
There is a lot to celebrate this month, but you’re also getting serious about getting to a better balance
between time spent on work and time devoted to leisure activities. It’s time for some air-clearing.
You might also find yourself coming to others’ defense more frequently. Powerful energy is with
you, particularly from the 20th to January 12th, for close partnerships, education, travel, and
publishing. you’ve been overdoing, this is the time to rethink and make adjustments that
bring you down to earth, just a little! For some of you, there can be changes in love relationships,
with children, and some de-emphasis of the pursuit of pleasure and hobbies. This is all good, because
you have some serious work to do. From the 20th forward, close partnerships can show signs of
moving forward. The last week of the year brings health and work
routines into strong focus, and the 21st is a good time to make resolutions on these fronts, no need to
wait for January 1st. Cut back on certain pleasures and hobbies. Hobbies might turn into work, love
and pressures decrease on the domestic front.

Virgo August 23/September 22/Earth Sign/The Virgin
There continues to be a strong focus on home and family matters this month, as the month advances,
you look increasingly outside of your circle for feedback, pleasure, and attention. Until January 12th,
you have increased motivation and initiative when it comes to work, fitness, and health routines. You
can be working tirelessly at times, and you have more pride in the work you do, your health, and
your ability to handle your daily routines well. Even so, this is not the best time for nosy colleagues
or pushy bosses. You tend to want to set your own pace. Stay active, but avoid excesses for better
health, both mental and physical. You tend to draw you inward, as you become more contemplative.
During this period, you may not trust your intuition as much as you usually do, and you may struggle
a little with faith in life, that it will meet your needs. This is temporary as you adjust to the shift, and
helpful for reassessing where you’re heading. It’s a time for career news, releases, or
announcements. From the 20th, strong energy is with you for all self-improvement efforts, you are
raring to go, ready to quiet self-defeating inner voices. You might learn something that was
previously hidden or buried, and this helps clear the path for moving forward. You feel less at the
mercy of other people and outside forces, and more equipped to handle debts, unreliability in your
finances or intimate relationships, and imbalanced power dynamics. The need for more leisure time
becomes apparent as December progresses, and new opportunities to enjoy yourself can emerge from
the 21st. Romantic energy runs high this month. Increased responsibilities with family are likely, but
you can also feel more accomplished in the process. Look for problem areas in the home and family
unit and get a jumpstart on fixing them.

Libra September 23/October 22/Air Sign –/The Scales
Pursuit of pleasure increases this month. You may not be feeling especially disciplined, although as
December progresses, circumstances will be such that you’ll need to buckle down. You are more
inclined to take the initiative in affairs of the heart, and have more courage to create, display, and
share your output. Aim to pare things down or simply stop adding more to your agenda and enjoy
what you’ve already taken on. Focus on a few of your more practical goals. You may need to
reassess a friendship or group connection, or you may want to socialize a little less to make room for
more focused time with someone special. Brilliant energy is with you for doing so, particularly from
December 20-January 12. While there continues to be some unpredictability in close relationships,
you are feeling less at the mercy of others and more in charge of making your own changes. From
the 21st, more focus on family and home life is favored. You to channel your energies more
constructively. You might take up structured learning or bring more discipline to your work. You
tend to communicate with more authority, and with more focus and structure, you could become
quite skilled at a particular subject. There could be some distancing in relationships as you take extra
time for your own projects and increased responsibilities.