Decks in the Park

Klyde Warren Park Gets Decked Out


The sun began to set as its rays peaked through the skyline of the shimmering downtown Dallas skyscrapers.  A clear blue day presented itself to Decks In The Park founder Jeff Mitchell and his all-star DJ cast and crew. On deck for the day’s playlist providers was Paradise, Red Sean, Typecast, Spinderella, and, of course, Jeff Mitchell. The scene was set for another successful installation, and the people of Dallas took full advantage.

In the first half hour of the 7p.m. – 10p.m. time block, nearly all the attractions of Klyde Warren Park became occupied. Roughly two thirds of the open grass was covered with blankets and concert goers by eight o’clock. The bass and rhythmic grooves of house and progressive house music filled the air. The smooth melodies transitioned into a heavier electronic feel that massaged joints and dancing bodies started to emerge. DJ Red Sean turned his knobs and elevated the mood of the party. Sidewalk space squeezed narrower and refreshment lines twisted and turned like the dance moves being displayed close to and on top of Klyde Warren Park’s open style stage. Mobile cafes parked along the sidewalk received their fair shares of patrons as they rushed to serve hot and cold foods, liquids, and adult beverages. Friends laughed together, couples got close, and families partied. A large ratio of dogs was present for the festivities as well. Vendors displayed their products and services.

Then the sky dimmed and the park’s lanterns glowed. The exponentially larger from last year video screen illuminated brighter against the dark in combination with the animated stage lights. VJ S(EYE) programmed his biggest and best visual effects and displays that convinced the break-dancing b-boys and b-girls to form pockets of friendly dance battles. At one point a live songstress graced the stage accompanying the DJs.

Fist-pumping energy and excitement saturated the entire park. MC S.O.U.L.JAH grabbed the microphone to entice the now soaking wet from dance fever crowd. Even the once relaxed and content blanket loungers seemed to forget that they set up resting areas as they stood to their feet in anticipation of the nights’ finale. Collective gasps and yells wanted to welcome DJ Spinderella almost before her official introduction. The DJ of 1990s super-group Salt-N-Peppa opened her set with huge classic hip hop and 90s pop songs that everyone seemed to know. The classics kept dropping from her turntables as the event’s noise level reached its highest point. DJ Spinderella’s set confirmed the event’s huge consecutive success. Safe to say, many of the concert goers will be returning for next month’s edition of Decks In The Park. The innovative concert party is scheduled every last Thursday through the month of August.


Mike L

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