Written By: Alicia Burden
IG: @aliciaburden

Calling all music heads, art junkies, food cravers and crowd lovers, Deep Ellum is the place you want to be this weekend starting today! With over 90+ musicians ranging from indie, pop, soul, rock, jazz, reggae, bluegrass I mean I could go on forever but you’re sure to stagger across something that will delight your ears. Did I mention that it’s…FREE!!!!!!!! That’s right you can go there all 3 days and indulge your soul into a world of artistry but not only that. We don’t want any misrepresentations of yourself like a snicker commercial depicts so that’s why an enormous amount of food venders and resturants will be joining providing samples and unique dishes to satisfy that inner hunger. Food that ranges from Alligator Café, Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, Mama Faye’s BBQ, Good To Geaux Foods, Oh My Pizza Pie in summary there’s over 20+ food choices to choose from You will also be able to stroll into the galleries and the streets to witness amazing art anywhere from art of sculptors, muralists, jewelers, painters, wood workers, and other fine artists; some of whom will be creating pieces on the spot. In all, if your in the Dallas area with nothing to do or with a hunger for the arts please check out this amazing festival.
You can visit for more information, there you will see the list of musicians that will be performing including the stage and time they will be on. All the food venders/restaurants are listed on the site as well as artists. SEE YOU THERE!
2800 Main street Dallas, TX 75226

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