DEJ checks out The Dallas Independent Film Festival- Video Doc by Jackson Young

Silver Screen Dreams

Article by Jackson Young

The Dallas International Film Festival (DIFF) is the Mecca of independent and rising filmmakers in North Texas. DIFF is stationed primarily at the Angelika Theatre in Dallas, right off of Mockingbird Station, but is also screening throughout the city. Going on now is the annual Film Festival that is sure to shine light on North Texas’ best and brightest. But being International makes this festival even more glamorous as it brings in films from all over the world. This in turn brings in distributors from all over as well. This year’s film festival will have some top of the line studio big wigs scouting the next best thing.

DIFF gives everyone selected to screen an opportunity to showcase their talent and even sit and talk with those who may want to expand their film or distribute it domestically, and perhaps overseas. DIFF is growing tremendously, and goal is to one day be the biggest festival in the southwest region.

DEJ had the opportunity to sit and chat with the executive director and also some producers, directors, and actors to see what was their excitement in being at DIFF this year. They also shed light on the filmmaking process and some favorite moments while making their films. This year DIFF has chosen some wonderful talent to show off as the season of the arts approaches the metroplex.

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