#DEJatSXSW Amazing Austin

Name one time of the year when you can go from bar to bar and see your favorite local band opening for your favorite local band, while at the same time your favorite hip-hop artist is opening for your favorite R&B singer, while at the same time your favorite indie rock band is collaborating on a special performance with a legendary band……all on the same street. SXSW (or South By Southwest) is exactly where those dreams are made to come true at. It’s the love child of chaos and musical overload. In other words, SXSW is a melodic combination of music, food, and fans that would leave anyone in bliss. The best kept secret of SXSW doesn’t include the mega stars that come to spark pandemonium and memories by showing up unannounced to Austin and giving their loyal and devoted following a special performance that only they can deliver. The best kept secret of SXSW lies completely in the opportunity of stumbling upon a band who doesn’t really have a large following nationally but takes your breath away during every single moment of their performance. The love of the hometown heroes and the unnamed underdogs take this title and wear it well. I had the pleasure of visiting some of these performances of the bands that are playing so hard that it seems that they forgot that it was their first song. The performances of those singers who turn their background music or band down to deliver a shocking blow to every ear that was listening to leaving it embracing their sound in awe. The performances of the hip-hop artist that have so much charisma that while you’re in the show, you become so involved that you forget that you don’t even know that guy. All of these performances leave you with the same question: “Who was that?!?!” If you aren’t familiar with the SXSW festival then experience this as well as Austin for yourself. They don’t call it the music capitol of Texas for no reason and I left SXSW ’15 with a capital L…….for Love that is.

– Tayvon

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