DFW’s 7 most sinful sweets: Lust List Halloween Edition

Happy Halloween folks, this week I’m taking a break from fashion and beauty to talk about my other great love: food, mostly sweets. If you’re like me and will pass on salad to save room for dessert you’re going to love my top seven list this Halloween any day you feel like doing some adult trick or treating.All of the following make the list in their respective categories and are from  local restaurants scattered throughout Dallas, Arlington and  Ft. worth..

smores martini

1.) Sloth: Best Alcoholic sweet to be lazy with Bar Louie- Smores Martini- what could be more fall than smores? The sweet taste reminds you of campfires and the great outdoors (or in my case the microwave indoors) either way it’s a nod to childhood fun with our new adult best friend Liquor the drink taste a little like a white Russian but with a bittersweet graham cracker rim and the fluffy marsh mellow topping so next time you’re feeling like kicking back

photo (1)

2.)    Envy: most coveted recipe :Zoli’s NY Pizza Tavern Tiramisu- Tirmamisu is the ultimate Italian dessert and can be found at most restaurants but just because you can find it a lot of places does not mean its done right! Zoli’s masters the delicacy with the right balance of mascarpone cheese and espresso  and the traditional coca topping is infused with nutmeg or cinnamon (I don’t know the recipe I just love it) and the freshest ladyfingers I’ve ever tasted. I always make a point of getting tiramisu at every Italian place I try in DFW and this is by far the best especially for the super cheap price and enormous portion by the time me and my famished friend finished we weren’t even hungry for dinner this spot stays pretty busy, but the food is awesome and the staff as super nice. Def. worth another visit https://www.facebook.com/zolisnypizza

Spiral Bakery Pumpkin cheesecake icecream

3.)    Pride: Best Healthy Dessert: Spiral diner “Ice cream”  everyone has that one Vegan, paleo healthy blah blah blah friend who loves to instagram every fat free bite they eat, by no means am I that friend in fact I’m a firmly believe in that old saying “aint nothing like the real thing” but this creamy almost ice cream almost had me fooled. Spiral Bakery and diner has delicious food options but their desserts are to die for but you can you can brag about it all day long.  I was able to have a animal friendly low calorie dessert that didn’t have that “healthy funky after taste”. I tried the chocolate but can’t wait to go back for this pumpkin cheesecake variety I found on the restaurants facebook you can visit them in Mckinney or Oak Cliff.https://www.facebook.com/spiraldiner/photos_stream and when I do I will be super proud of myself and tell everyone.


ignore my nails

ignore my nails

Gluttony: So good and impossible to share :Cool Haus Red Velvet ice-cream sandwich: This dessert was by far the best and worst decision I’ve made in recent history. Two giant freshly baked cookies of your flavor choice with cold cool ice cream I tried it on a summer day and it was just to melty to attempt to share, although I didn’t try to hard. I don’t have the calorie count because  YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE CALORIE COUNT! But you don’t have to worry about that because the brand “keeps it real” by using the freshest most safe ingredients nothing processed or added the flavors are awesome and not as bad for you as your typical dessert and everything natural is low in fat, right?! . These amped up ice-cream sandwiches  can be found at their many stops, I caught up with them at Clyde warren park on a sunny Sunday and fell in love you can follow them  on twitter to find their next stop at https://twitter.com/CoolhausDFW


5.) Greed: Best dessert for people who like shiny new things: Fluff pop cotton candy I had to put this goodie under greed because its impossible to try just one flavor. When I met the creator of fluff pop at a bridal event she gushed about the crazy flavors she whips up everything from coffee to liquor to my personal favorite fresh pineapple make this light airy dessert perfect.

emporium-pie-lord-of-the-pies d magazine

6.)  Wrath: Best dessert who like old fashioned desserts:  wrath is a little bit of a stretch but you might develop genuine rage if someone steals your piece of “Lord of the pies” this Dutch apple pie has a super sweet crumble crust and simple fresh ingredients . Apple pies are an American classic and I can’t wait to buy this and pass it off as my own at the next holiday party ( hmm I wonder if that’s a sin) D magazine agreed with me and voted the “Lord of the pies” one of DFW’s best.Photo Courtesy of DMagazine online

oak cliff advocate

7.)Sexiest Dessert: Pie Emporiums Smooth operator: You can’t even say the name without hearing a saxophone in the distance. This decadent pie is the perfect mix of salty and not overwhelmingly sweet to make all chocolate lovers happy the chocolate cream filling is smooth and rich and the crust a salty pretzel is the perfect contrast. These pies are available by the pie or  the slice thank God! or else I wouldn’t be able to smoothly operate my skinny jeans anymore! You can  try your own Tuesday-Saturday at the Oak cliff location right in the Bishop arts district. http://emporiumpies.com/about photo courtsey of Oak Cliff advocate online


Hope you have a safe and responsible Halloween if your going out and partying and if you’re a parent refraining from stalking all of your little ones goodies