Dirk Nowitzki makes history and leads a 106-98 victory against the Sacramento Kings: Recap and Pictures NEW VIDEO

Tuesday November 11th was a day Dallas Mavericks Fans will smile upon and Dirk Nowtizki Lovers will brag about for years to come. After what started as a rough game with the Mavs down 24 points in the first quarter, Nowitzki, Parsons and the Mississippi Missile himself Monta Ellis turned the score around beautifully to snag their their 21st straight regular-season win at home against the Kings. Ellis scored 10 of 16 points in the third quarter, including a fadeaway 3-point shot at the buzzer after the Mavericks had took the lead for the first time that night.
The huge, history book making moment of the game came came just a few minutes into the first quarter when Nowitzki’s jumper from the 3-point line pushing his career scoring record over that of NBA legend Hakeem Olajuwon, This accomplishment not only cements Nowitzki as one of the best players of all time but also the highest scoring non american born player. The German Giant finished the night at 26,953 career points. That’s seven more points than Hakeem Olajuwan, and something Dallas Folk will be buzzing about for weeks to come. The win also fell on Veterans day, a day that the Dallas Mavericks and their hoops for troops initiative worked hard to acknowledge with gifts for military families, a special tribute salute and a win to make our troops proud. The Mavericks are shaping up for a great season to come and we will be keeping you posted on all of the action
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