WRITTEN BY: Alicia Burden
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I feel like Drake would be the first to tell you that “It didn’t happen overnight” in reference to success. However, that is exactly what his new mixtape is experiencing. “If Your Reading This Right Now It’s Too Late” is the name of his latest mixtape that dropped overnight and since has been spreading like a virus world-wide with people raving on how this “mixtape” seems more like a full album. It’s apparent that dropping a mixtape or really any creative piece in silence is the new tactic that artists are strung on. We all can recall Beyonce’s success with her last album that unfortunately to many people’s surprise didn’t take home “Best Album Of The Year” which as of last November has sold over 5 million copies. The truest of fans I would like to believe can always detect when their artist of choice is on the verge of releasing something epic and with the release of “Jungle” a short film that followed Drake in his journey around his hometown of Toronto while sprinkling in new instrumentals that many picked up on as possible new music to be released by Drake it’s no surprise that he had something up his sleeve. To surprise he would be releasing a 17 track mixtape the very next day.

The mixtape I have to say is on a more theatrical level with some songs reminding you of the Weeknd. There’s no shame in expressing your feelings but I found it odd that Drake pinpointed by saying in a verse like track 10 called “Preach”, that “N**gas be all into their feelings these days” when he’s the one most in the industry would label a heartfelt type of guy. In other words he’s always into his feelings. Some have joked that his new mixtape is the “50 shades of Grey soundtrack” in regards to how sensitive some of the songs are and while searching the web I’ve even came across a pic with the Chik-fil-A cow on it floating in the water referencing the handwriting on the name of the mixtape as being the suicide note. With all jokes aside his latest mixtape is still the talk of the town . In the album he addresses his mother, speaks on past childhood memories and the experiences that impacted him while also touching on the come up in the game and of course sounding off on past relationships. 30 Seconds into the mixtape the truest of his fans will tell you he’s on the road to being a legend. In my personal opinion this is a mixtape we can all relate to and can listen to start to finish. You be the judge you can listen to the full mixtape at the link below or check it out on SPOTIFY.