D’ussé Cognac comes to Dallas


D’ussé Cognac comes to Dallas Dawning the French Cross of Lorraine (meaning courage, honor and perseverance), D’ussé (pronounced “due-say”) has pioneered a new trail in VSOP Cognac. This beautifully crafted French creation has taken the nightlife by storm! Backed by Grammy award winning recording artist Jay-Z, D’ussé is one of the fastest growing Cognac in the US. According to www.dusse.com, for a spirit to be considered a Cognac, it must be wine-based made from white grapes from one or more of six approved growing regions. Cognac must go through a double distillation process and the liquid that results from distillation must be aged at least 2 years in French Oak Casks. The spirit must be a minimum of 80 proof by volume. The warm bouquet allows for woody notes engulfed in hints of flowers and honey. Upon tasting, you will experience the taste of cinnamon and almond leading to a spice finish! I’m usually a whiskey man, but if I had to have a Cognac, this is it! This beautifully crafted spirit is moderately priced at 59.99 USD +tax making it a steal! Most of the spirits I’ve experienced with such a complex experience dawn a price tag well over $150. I am not one to have my home bar full of expensive spirits; however, I am a man of taste. D’ussé satisfies both my pallet and my wallet! I’ve never been one to follow pop cultures rules of “hot or not”, but D’ussé IS the sh_t if I D’ussé so myself! -Lyonell