Straight out of the gun came the sound of pure talent from a man named after exactly that, a gun. Machine Gun Kelly also known as “MGK” is currently touring on the NO CLASS TOUR alongside the popular band Limp Bizkit. Quite naturally I had my assumptions about him. However, it was the fans screaming and the colored lights gleaming across the venue and the oh so serious body guards that I swear would have taken down you and your mom if you got too close without a pass, that led me to believe that he was more than just a wild boy.

Gilley’s near downtown Dallas was the venue that held 100’s of fans as they screamed MGK’s name in excitement. MGK has been on the music scene since 2006 with his eighth official mixtape Black Flag. It was one of his most popular songs Wild Boy that was featured on the 2012 motion picture soundtrack Project X that shot gunned him to the top. Landing songs with French Montana, Rosco Dash, Waka Flocka and Lil Jon among others not mentioned this man is nowhere near the end of his career if anything he’s just getting started. As the crowd cheered and mouthed the words of his songs I too began my lifelong “fan-ship” of MGK.

Make sure to check out the video recap of MGK’s No Class Tour below.