February Horoscope

We have two eclipses to deal with in February. A Moon eclipse on the 11th and a Sun eclipse on the 26th. Unlike their more chaotic family members, these are a friendly version bringing in the potential for growth and change. You still may experience growth pains and an unpleasant surprise here or there, but you will get through it!

I can’t see all these hearts around me without thinking of passion and the blood coursing through our veins. In Japan, it’s not your astrological sign that gets people talking – it’s your blood type! It is not uncommon for women…to even select a prospective husband based on his blood type. And maybe this year they will bring a new style of pick up line, “What’s your blood type baby?” That’s right you can tell a lot about a person by their blood type, drink this in! A’s are the Artistic types with strong core values many of whom are Vegetarians, but don’t squeeze the peaches too hard, they are quite sensitive. Best blood buddy is a type AB!
B’s, Hello social butterfly. When you set your sights on someone or something, watch out! Even when you regret a snap decision, you fly on to the next sweet flower and happily chill. You are very independent, but also love great company and relationships. Your best blood match is also AB.
AB’s, your stunning looks and desire to have it all make for a feisty, fun filled and sensual life! You are drawn to the unusual and love adventure. You are high energy and love the night life. Good thing, you are a blood match for A, AB, B and O!
Oh O’s, The oldest blood type and by your thoughts the very best. You relish beauty and living comfortably. The world is your canvas and honor, devotion and truth are your understated color palette. Choose your blood tie wisely between another O and AB. Have a sexy month! Teal Gray

So, let’s get started with February

You are more like a sexy Devil than Cupid when it comes to showing your loved one just how passionate you are for them, and only them. If you are still single or in a new relationship, hold back just a bit, you don’t want to overwhelm them. Not all signs are as hot burning as you Aries’s folk!
Still searching? Don’t miss the opportunity to meet someone interesting just because you feel left behind. Chin up, Smile and take a chance. Bring a little bit of that charm into the work space. This continues to be a great month for you in every area of your life. Enjoy it, and make plans to keep the momentum going into spring. Keep your mind calm in the evening by taking a walk, or try yoga to unwind after high pressure days in February.

All work and no play just won’t do this Valentine’s Day. Get together with friends and decide to get out and meet new people. Still haven’t found “the one?” No worries, you have a strong sexual magnetism that makes you the flame to all the moths! You know how to maximize this asset too! If you are in love, there is nothing else on your mind but how you can please your mate. Don’t stress too much on trying to make everything perfect for a big date this month. Just keep things carefree that will showcase your sexy side. Your finances start to build back up after that big outlay during the holidays. You are happiest when things are straightforward in all areas of your life. You don’t do complicated! Keep the exercise up, you will love the results that start showing soon.

This year get out of your comfort zone and surprise your partner and yourself with how powerful a focused connection between to people can be. Make sure this new relationship will give you the freedom and the “me” time you need to be happy. You are already getting Spring Fever, and daydreaming of your next trip, adventure or invention. Good for you! Never lose that wanderlust; it’s one of your most endearing qualities. You can be very inspiring to other less adventurous signs when you live in the full expression of yourself. Finances keep growing and you are ready for action when the right house, car or investment comes along in the next few weeks.

Send yourself some love this year by allowing self-expression and the voicing of your needs to others. It has been too long with you not getting what you need out of a relationship. Don’t commit until you are sure of the other person’s true nature. If you have already found true love, then you are content to just have a quiet evening together. You don’t need a lot of fancy things to please you. While you may be content with who you are with, you never get lazy in the bedroom! A cherished mate will happily stay in with you. Take a little extra care of yourself now and don’t forget to exercise. You will be so happy you stuck to your diet come summer swim season. Money matters will ease and relief come to you in waves over the next several weeks. Go ahead and start planning the well-deserved vacation.

This is a memorable Valentine’s Day Leo. You have found a great match and the sparks of passion have fully ignited into flames of love. You very well might go hand in hand down the aisle with this one! You have gotten a laser focus on what you want your life to be like and it is all coming together for you this season. Keep making plans and action steps, and you will succeed in all you desire. You finally put yourself on top of your list, and your health has improved since you are resting more, eating healthy and reducing your stress levels. Travel seems to always be on your calendar, go for it. You deserve a break from your hard work. Friends continue to surround you and keep you laughing and enjoying life.

Live with a little abandon this year Virgo. It doesn’t always have to be so serious. Write some new rules for yourself, making you a top priority again! Enjoy the life you work so hard to create. Stand your ground, with so many admirers you certainly don’t need to settle. Valentine’s Day will show your passionate side to the lucky person of your choosing. You both will be happy staying in or going out if you are together! Travel calls to you, but should be on hold for a season. You are simply too busy reaping all the rewards of your hard work. It was noticed by all the right people! You are truly feeling your feet are on the right path, and this gives you the security needed to relax and plan. Get back in touch with Mother Nature, she misses you!

I think this year you finally met your match Libra. This love interest keeps you guessing, yet feeling loved, perfect! With all this happy home life, you can now better focus your energy on career. You have great ideas and are inspired in random ways this season. Make the most of the ideas given to you. Make a notebook of business ideas or plan next steps to sure success. You charm might feel a little rusty, but if you haven’t found a mate don’t sit home and watch sad movies. Get out with friends. You might make a chance meeting that turns into something more. Keep up the fitness routine, it is really working. This is a happy time for you while your wishes and dreams start to become realities!

It’s always the quiet ones you should watch. You are no exception naughty Scorpio. You are the master of surprises this Valentine’s Day in the bedroom! Your mate with be happily surprised by a well-planned evening of passion. Make sure to ease up on perfection and expectations. You don’t want a silly disagreement to spoil the mood. You have a serious work ethic that is beginning to pay off and continues to do so in the coming months. You saw what needed changing in your life and you did the hard work to put long term plans into action. You are feeling better than you have in months due to a new outlook on life. You are not wasting a moment of happiness from now on.

You are not too sure what you want right now. Travel hasn’t fixed it; you just can’t seem to find satisfaction. You have been on a rollercoaster of emotions and are just settling out. Old memories have been taking up space where new ones could be made. Time to shake off the winter moodiness and get ready to rock your lover’s world this Valentine’s day! Live focused on the here and now for a change. You will benefit from the open nature of your personality in business and pleasure these next few months. Keep smiling it makes people wonder what you’re up to!

Take a risk and be bold this Valentine’s Day. You will never know if they feel the same way if you don’t show you’re interested. Take a break from being too critical of others and yourself. Enjoy this time of renewal in your life, gaining new friends and the greater financial freedom you deserve. Life is a game of chance, so is love. You can’t get an iron clad guarantee you won’t get hurt, but be brave. The best is yet to come for you. All your dreams are getting closer to coming true. Get out more, and visit new places off the beaten path, all the best kept secrets are ready to be discovered.

You are so content with your life right now, you should make yourself go out and find love if you don’t already have it waiting for you at home. You are in a truly blissful time in your life and you appreciate your friends and family more than ever. Your career is on track and you begin to feel the chill of winter thaw on some long-term goals you have been working towards. Don’t let old loves that are now best friends take up all the space where a new love should be. Travel plans firm up and you get organized to make goals a reality. Take time to go outside more and maybe take up a new hobby with friends.

This year you are truly in control of your destiny. If you want love it is just around the corner. You are right to be sure it is a good fit this time to what you want. No more putting your life on hold for others. The next partner with be your equal, making your heart and soul soar! You have a great season of success at work heading your way as well. Take time to catch up with friends and loved ones this month. You will enjoy reminiscing more than you think.

Much love to All, Teal Gray