February Horoscopes

February 2020

Aquarius January 20/February 18/ Air Sign/The Water Bearer/Lucky Days: 21,22
You may feel difficulty in voicing your needs to others this month. It is important to be clear when
trying to do so. People will want to help when they have a clear directive in what your needs are.
You are more loved than you realize. Set new financial goals this month, and realistic ways to reach
them. Journaling will be helpful in managing your emotional stress. Stay open to unexpected
invitations, if single you may meet a new love interest.

Pisces February 19/March 20/Water Sign/The Fishes/Lucky Days: 23,24,25
This is a big month for your personal progress and achieving goals you set for yourself. Take a
moment to enjoy your successes. Your emotions may run a bit high this month, so pause before you
speak or act when this comes up. Make some time to visit with friends and loved ones this month.
Romance heats up after the 9th, get ready!

Aries March 21/April 20/Fire Sign/The Ram/Lucky Days: 26,27
More demands are being placed on you at work and you are actually enjoying the challenges. You
excel in your chosen field, and now can help others to grow in their Team capacities. You may feel
like tapping into your more creative side this month. Try a new hobby, or pick an old favorite back
up. Love may be a roller coaster this month, but you love the chase.

Taurus April 21/May 21/Earth Sign/The Bull/Lucky Days: 1,2,28,29
You have been living in chaos too long. This is a time to create boundaries and set new life goals.
The Planets are lined up for you to have an easier path than in the past few months. Take advantage
of this blessed time in your life. Get out and spend some of it in nature. You will feel renewed and
clearheaded by doing so. Your passion for your partner amps up this month, and love is in bloom.

Gemini May 21/June 21/Air Sign/The Twins/ Lucky Days: 3,4,5
People have really been testing your patience lately, and you have managed not to press the red
button of relationship destruction. Try to remember you are sometimes operating at a higher level
than the person that is stressing you out. They may well be doing the best they can in the given
situation. This is a great time to take up a new social event. Host a trivia night or go to a sporting
event. A deepening need for more romance in your life sparks an exciting time this month.

Cancer June 22/July 22/Water Sign/The Crab/Lucky Days: 6,7
You don’t normally like to verbalize what you are feeling, but it would be very helpful to do so at
this time. The openness will bring about an unexpected emotional bond between you a your loved
ones. Work has been increasingly demanding, and you keep rising to meet each challenge. Take time
to decompress at the end of each day. You will come to treasure your “me” time even if it is just a
few minutes. You feel ready to make a romantic commitment this month and it is the right decision.

Leo July 23/August 22/Fire Sign/The Lion/Lucky Days: 8,9
You are super motivated to make successful changes in your life at this time. The good news is that
the Planets are supporting you good decisions, and things keep getting better and better for you. It
will become clear what you need to shed in your life in order to move toward achieving more of your
dreams. Your love life would be hard pressed to be any better, but this month it is amazing!

Virgo August 23/September 22/Earth Sign/The Virgin/Lucky Days: 10,11
Your normal clear headedness may be replaced with a bit of brain fog early this month. Take time to
destress and reassess your goals for the year. You may want to build in more free time at home. Very
productive and helpful energy is on its way. Love really is everywhere for you this month! In your
personal life, work life, friendships and of course that special someone. You are experiencing a time
of great comfort and happiness.

Libra September 23/October 22/Air Sign –/The Scales/Lucky Days: 12,13
You are having a difficult time keeping your life and work in balance. You are just in a period of
positive change, but change is seldom easy. Be kind to yourself and indulge in some time or
something just for you this month. After that, do something kind for another. This will make you feel
more in balance. This is an exciting time for you romantically. You are ready for more excitement in
your love life and you get it!

Scorpio October/23/November 21/Water Sign/The Scorpion/Lucky Days: 14,15
Step out of any fear-based decisions and instead of reacting out of fear, realize that is old patterns
and events. You are now in a time of freedom and self-exploration. There are many opportunities to
change your circumstances now. Seize them, you deserve a blessed life. You love life is no different.
You are surprised by a declaration of love you had not expected.

Sagittarius November 22/December 21 Fire Sign/The Archer/Lucky Days: 16,17
Loosen up a bit this month and take a day off or a weekend trip if you can manage it. While this is a
time to get clear about your wants and needs, be sure to do so lovingly. No need to be harsh with
your words. You can make your point while keeping the needs of your partner and others in mind.
Your love life may feel like a movie set it is so perfect at times this month. Enjoy the starry nights.

Capricorn December 22/January 19/ Earth Sign/The Goat/Lucky Days: 18,19,20
This is a month of clarity. You are feeling more capable to tackle life’s challenges than you have for
a long time. Opportunities are seemingly falling at your feet. Take a little time to examine all of them
carefully before making your decision. Make sure to add in some days this month just for relaxing. It
is wonderful you are so productive during this time, but build in time to enjoy all your hard work
with those you care most about. Love seeks you out this month, and you embrace it! Maybe even
taking a relationship to the next level.